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It collects information on the credits, loans, mortgages, guarantees and guarantees that each credit institution maintains with its clients.

CIRBE Banco de USA Empresas

CIRBE Companies

These acronyms refer to the Risk Information Center of the Bank of the USA, also sometimes known as the CIR, it is not a delinquency file, although it sometimes works in a similar way.

What is CIRBE Empresas?

The Risk Information Center of the Bank of the USA, also known as CIRBE, is a public service that manages, as its name indicates, the Bank of the USA itself, and that stores all the information on small, medium and large in a database. companies and the self-employed relating to all the products that financial institutions grant to them. Manages information on loans, guarantees, lines of credit and in general any financial product that poses a risk to the ability to pay.

Although financial institutions are obliged to notify the Bank of the USA of any financial operation they carry out, whatever the amount, normally in the CIRBE Companies report that banks can consult, operations whose risk does not exceed € 9,000 will be excluded.

It is important to note that it is not a file of defaulters, it is a database to provide information to financial institutions about the status of their accounts and the ability to borrow, that is, request loans. All payment commitments that we or our company have acquired will appear, whether they are in default or not.

Who can check my data or those of my company at CIRBE Empresas?

Any financial entity from which financing is requested will consult CIRBE Empresas before making a decision.

Since the approval of the Law for the Reform of the Financial Sector, the banking entity has the obligation to communicate to the company or self-employed person, the right to consult them, but it may access the CIRBE Companies without express authorization.

How long can my data or that of my company be in CIRBE Empresas?

The information contained in the CIRBE is updated every month. Although it must be taken into account that the data is recorded two months late.

The information published in CIRBE is requested from financial institutions at the end of each month and published the next, which gives a margin of 2 months for the information to be updated.

Therefore, the data of Companies or freelancers will be registered in the CIRBE Companies as long as we continue to have payment commitments or guarantees with any entity and when the amount exceeds € 9,000.

How to exit CIRBE Empresas?

Given that, in this type of procedure and since it is the Bank of the USA, you have to coordinate the times very well and know exactly which organizations or entities to contact, it is best to have the help of professionals. Otherwise we can spend months trying
understanding procedures and knowing whether or not our efforts are having an effect.

At TeichForum we have been helping our users to get out of delinquent files for years, whatever the file or the problem. If you need help, contact us and let your problems be our concern.

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It does not include operations whose aggregate risk does not exceed € 9,000. The annotations do not refer to debts, but to available credit, type of guarantees and terms. This means that although we are paying our credit or mortgage each month, it will continue to be reflected in the CIRBE.

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