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ASNEF is the acronym for the National Association of Financial Institutions. Owner of the ASNEF Equifax file. Equifax is the company that manages the file.
ASNEF Particulares

Financial Credit Institutions

The ASNEF file managed by the Equifax company, and therefore known as ASNEF Equifax. Is the most well-known file of defaulters and used by banks or credit entities in the USA. It consists of 3 sections or parts: ASNEF, ASNEF Companies and Judicial and Public Organism claims.

What is ASNEF

ASNEF is a Spanish national company of a purely commercial nature, in force since 1957, operating in parallel with a series of companies to link administrative tasks in order to favor the consumer who offers a service, mainly, alerting them through a debtors registry.

ASNEF , is therefore a database managed by EQUIFAX SERVICIOS ON SOLVENCIA Y CREDITO SL that obtains its data from the large number of partners it has, among which you can find banking and financial entities (Banks, Savings Banks, Financial Entities of Credit, etc.), telecommunications companies, basic service operators (electricity, water, gas), or insurance companies, among others.

Access to ASNEF provides the data of any citizen about their ways of facing a payment , which allows the companies associated with EQUIFAX to have a tool that helps them make a decision on whether or not to grant a loan, a contract with a telephone company, or any other product that involves financing.

Why am I in ASNEF

If you are on the ASNEF list, it is because a company registered you as a “bad payer”. As simple as that.

But does this mean that you are?

Absolutely. The most common way they can include you on this list is due to late payment of some of the basic services such as electricity or gas; for not having met a phone bill or even by mistake.

For this you can contact TeichForum, who can advise you , give you support and clear any doubt arises when your data appears in ASNEF , since your inclusion in this list can be caused by not having canceled a small purchase or delay in payment of basic services or even by mistake.

What happens if I am in ASNEF?

Being on a list of defaulters like Financial Credit Institutions seriously harms you if you aspire to request a loan, or any service (telephone, electricity, gas, insurance, ...) as well as requesting a credit card, or buying a property.

All companies usually consult these files to verify the solvency of their clients, because they do not want to lend money to people who appear on the delinquent lists and, if they do, there are few companies specialized in working with them. which carries very high interests and additional guarantees as a guarantee of protection against a refund.

I am in Financial Credit Institutions but I don't know why

State laws indicate that when appearing on a list of defaulters, the user must be notified by the company within a prior period and a maximum of 30 days , in which the affected person may cancel the debt or notify in the case of a error.

If you have not received this notice and you are on a list of delinquents, you can consult us immediately at TeichForum, and we will indicate if it is an irregularity or if it is due for a payment that has been claimed .

If it is an error, and it is a non-existent debt that is claimed or a service that has been canceled, but still appears in said files, you must formulate a claim and submit it in writing so that your financial solvency can be verified, to later we can remove it from the file.

How long can my data be in ASNEF

After canceling the debt or verifying that it does not exist, it is the person who appears in the ASNEF registry who must notify the company of the cancellation of the debt within a week, as we do in iMorosity.

However, in some cases there is a problem that some files save the data of their users in a status of "paid", with the intention of reflecting that this person was not solvent at some point and therefore that he appeared in the file.

This problem is due in part to the fact that companies do not update customer data and do not bother to inform ASNEF about the new situation, therefore, it is a process that depends on the affected party, having this to make the notification manually to exit the file.

When is my data deleted from the ASNEF file?

If we know that being on these lists is extremely simple, it is just as important to know that eliminating our data from it is a more laborious process. This is due to the fact that 78.33% of those affected do not know how to verify it and without knowing it their data remains listed.

The most reliable method to get out of these is through our TeichForum website , where we can request from this company the payment of pending debt or notify if this debt is the result of an irregularity, be it a misunderstanding or a case of theft identity (spoofing).

Subsequently to this through TeichForum, the request is sent to ASNEF , which must verify it and within 10 days remove the affected person from the file . And if not, you must proceed to make a claim.

Can a company look for me in the ASNEF file?

Of course, the interest that a company may have in knowing if your data is associated with ASNEF can be many.

Mainly to know if you are on their lists, and if so, it indicates directly that you are delinquent, and the company can use that information as a security method to prevent possible defaults, and therefore not be interested in offering you a service, allow you a loan or finance a product, among others.

What comes to be a warning not to trust the debtor and therefore stigmatize him.

That is why in TeichForum, send the request to ASNEF , which must verify it and within 10 days remove the affected person from the file by means of a document that proves that this person no longer has that condition.

How do I know if I am in ASNEF?

The ASNEF delinquent file refers to the acronym National Association of Financial Establishments . How do I know if I am in ASNEF? It is one of the most common questions from our clients. On many occasions, many of them have been taken by surprise to be included in a file of defaulters and do not know how to get out of ASNEF.

Entering the ASNEF delinquent list is very simple, sometimes you find out when applying for a loan or a mortgage and they deny it because your name appears in the ASNEF delinquent file. The bank or financial institution argues that the cause of being denied financing is because you do not meet the requirements since your name is on the list of ASNEF defaulters, but how do I know if I am in ASNEF? Who has included me in ASNEF? If we ask the entity, it does not give us much more information since they do not have it. At that time, the doors to financing are closed to us unless you request a loan while in ASNEF , we explain it to you in this article.

In these cases, TeichForum experts provide free advice so that you know who has included you in the asnef defaulters file . The ASNEF delinquent list is a very busy list of delinquents in the USA, we recommend you read our article , how do I know if I am in asnef? for more information on this topic.

ASNEF Telephone

ASNEF telephone , is one of the questions that most users look for when they have found out that their name appears on the list of defaulters of ASNEF. Most people who want to request their official report from the ASNEF defaulters file try to contact ASNEF by the fastest way, the telephone, but what is the ASNEF telephone number? The list of defaulters of ASNEF does not have a telephone number for customer service where we can call to request information and find out who has put you in ASNEF. On many occasions, when searching on Google: ASNEF telephone , we find multiple companies that use their own lines to give users wrong information. We recommend from TeichForum to avoid special pricing lines to request information and never trust these types of companies.

Find more information about ASNEF telephone and special rate companies in the following post: What is the ASNEF telephone number?

Consult ASNEF

Consulting the ASNEF report is key to find out the debts that we have in our name. From TeichForum we always recommend consulting the list of debtors of ASNEF to know first-hand the debts that we have in our name and to know which company has included us in ASNEF. Consulting ASNEF is the first step to improve your financial health. At TeichForum we consult all delinquency files in which we are likely to appear. We recommend our post on How to check if my name is in asnef? For more information on consult ASNEF .

How to leave ASNEF?

Once you are clear that your name appears in the ASNEF delinquent file , the next question is how to exit Asnef. Currently there are four ways to leave ASNEF.

Pay the debt that we have with the company that has included us in the list of defaulters of ASNEF. Once the payment is made, you must demand the removal of the annotation in the file.

Do not pay the debt and wait up to a maximum of 6 years. This is the legal period in which a debt can remain registered in the file. The TeichForum experts do not recommend this route since in more than 90% of cases, debts are sold to collection companies and they start counting from scratch.

If the company that has included you in the ASNEF delinquent file has not followed the regulatory steps by law to include your name in ASNEF, you may request the cancellation of your data in ASNEF.

On many occasions, the debt that we have in ASNEF, does not correspond to us. If this has happened to you, you can take advantage of the ARCO rights (Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition)

At TeichForum we personally analyze each case of our clients to see what is the best way to leave ASNEF quickly and professionally.

In our blog you will find enough information on how to leave Financial Credit Institutions. Tips and tricks to get out of Financial Credit Institutions.

How to avoid being included in ASNEF?

Preventing us from being included in the ASNEF list of defaulters can be easy at first glance, but, it is enough that we have a minimum outstanding debt with a company to be included in ASNEF. The economic crises bring as a consequence that the lists of defaulters increase due to the non-payment of installments on loans or unpaid bills with telephone and supply companies. For this reason, in recent years, thousands of people have been harmed by having their name included in the delinquent lists.

Being included in a list of defaulters brings multiple problems, including the refusal by banks to opt for financing from a loan to a mortgage. Another consequence that can lead to being included in a list of defaulters can be the refusal to hire daily services such as electricity or a telephone line.

Next, we give you a series of tips to avoid being included in ASNEF.

  1. Avoid getting into debt. One of the most important delinquency files in the USA is the list of defaulters from ASNEF (National Association of Financing Entities). If we avoid incurring debts with companies, you can avoid being included in ASNEF.
  2. Be responsible with credit cards and the application of loans with predatory interest. The abusive contracting of this type of financial products will make us over indebted and as a consequence of non-payment of fees we will not be able to avoid entering the ASNEF delinquency file.
  3. Have control of our accounts. Being responsible with what we can or cannot spend and anticipating our expenses is good advice to avoid being included in ASNEF

From TeichForum we recommend thinking coldly and with a head, even if we feel cheated with an internet, electric or telephone company. There are many occasions when we decide not to pay for a service because it does not correspond to what was agreed. Non-payment of these invoices will lead us to be included in a list of defaulters . We recommend contacting the company and talking to achieve a solution. If we do not solve it that way, there is always the possibility of contacting a consumer office and thus avoid being included in Financial Credit Institutions.

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