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It collects information on the credits, loans, mortgages, guarantees and guarantees that each credit institution maintains with its clients.
CIRBE Particulares

CIRBE Individuals

These acronyms refer to the Risk Information Center of the Bank of the USA, also sometimes known as the CIR, it is not a delinquency file, although it sometimes works in a similar way.

What is CIRBE

The CIRBE or Risk Information Center of the Bank of the USA , as its acronym indicates, is a gigantic public database, in which all the credits, loans, guarantees, as well as all the risks they possess are reflected. financial entities with their respective clients.

In short, this database reflects the image that all entities have in their databases about a person, which is constantly updated on a monthly basis.

The CIRBE is not a delinquent file, that is, it does not have detailed information about whether the client has complied with the payment of the fees, but these data can easily be related to other records such as the Registry of Unpaid Acceptances ( RAI ) or the ASNEF , and thus be able to have a global vision of the commitment and responsibility of the person.

If you want to know everything about the queries, management, time, and use of the data from the Risk Information Registry , you are in the right place because TeichForum puts at your disposal everything you need to know.

How can I request my CIRBE data from the Bank of the USA?

The CIRBE database, which is managed by the Bank of the USA, is in charge of storing all the financial information of the users.

If you have a loan, credit, or credit card of more than € 6000 in an entity, it will be reflected in this way in the database.

An effective way to request your CIRBE data without any expense is by filling in the application form, a photocopy of both sides of the DNI or passport must be attached to this form, and sent through a certified medium by writing the exact address in which you can receive your data.

You also have the virtual office of the Bank of USA or by going directly to the offices of CIRBE .

If you consider that the data established by CIRBE are incomplete or erroneous, you should contact the entity responsible for supplying the incorrect data and thus request the right of rectification or cancellation.

You can also do the procedure directly at the Bank of USA, which will be in charge of solving the problem with the entity responsible for the declaration.

Who can check my data at CIRBE?

The data registered in CIRBE is available and can be consulted by all banks and financial institutions, thus allowing the study and decision-making on the viability of credits, loans and guarantees.

Being available to all entities, this means, for example, that when signing a loan, they will know in a couple of months when the data has been updated.

It is also important to bear in mind that you will only appear in the registry when you have a balance greater than € 6000, if your outstanding balance is below the minimum amount, your data will no longer be displayed.

And the question comes, So have I been removed from the database? And the answer is no, there is a history of each client which can be consulted by the entities, it will simply have been eliminated from the registry of outstanding debts.

This is very important to take into account, because according to the history you have, the entities will take measures when issuing new credits or loans.

Currently, entities do not need the authorization or permission of the client to be able to access their data, but they will have the duty to inform the client in writing of the query made by the entity.

Who manages the CIRBE database?

Although the data established in the CIRBE database are provided by financial institutions, the person in charge of managing it is the Bank of the USA, in this way it can correctly exercise its function in the supervision and control of the Spanish financial system.

How long can I appear in CIRBE

There is no set time limit for appearing in the CIRBE database.

In this way, you will be present in the database indefinitely until the cancellation of the credits, loans, or guarantees, or until you are below the minimum amount stipulated in 6000 euros, of your financial obligations.

What are CIRBE data used for?

All the information established in the CIRBE database will serve so that the Bank of the USA can correctly carry out its work in the supervision, inspection and control of the economic sector.

On the other hand, banks and all financial entities use the data reflected in this database for decision-making, that is, for the prior study of the loans, credits or guarantees requested by the client.

The current history can be consulted by the entities, and it goes without saying that this will be of vital importance when issuing future credits (you want to see the level of indebtedness that you have to face).

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It does not include operations whose aggregate risk does not exceed € 9,000. The annotations do not refer to debts, but to available credit, type of guarantees and terms. This means that although we are paying our credit or mortgage each month, it will continue to be reflected in the CIRBE.

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