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Private debts, acquired with a financial or credit entity, are not published in official gazettes and therefore do not appear in the FIJ.
FIJ - Fichero Incidencias Judiciales Particulares

FIJ Individuals

These acronyms refer to the File of Judicial Incidents. The FIJ is not a delinquency file as such, although it works in a similar way. Obtains information from Official State Gazettes such as BOE, BORME, Provincial Official Gazettes, Social Security Headquarters, etc.

What is the FIJ (File of judicial incidents)?

When we talk about the File of Judicial Incidents , we are referring to one of the most representative files in the country. It is a database which has information about judicial procedures and claims from public bodies .

This information is provided by its partners, in addition to different sources accessible to the public, such as official gazettes (BOE), courts, among others.

This database includes debts with the Treasury, General Social Security Treasury, Town Halls, traffic , among other official defaults.

Regarding the regulation of the File of Judicial Incidents , it is regulated by article 29 of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the protection of personal data.

Who can check my data in the FIJ?

The data included in the Judicial Incident File database can be consulted by any entity that accredits it.

Banks, financial institutions, companies in general, all use the information in this database to study risk factors, when approving a loan, credit, or any request by the client.

These entities, unlike the rest of the delinquent files, do not need the consent of the person to register the information, nor the obligation to notify them of the inclusion in the file because it draws from public sources (they are limited to copying from BOE).

If you are thinking of requesting a loan, it is recommended that you request your report at the FIJ so that you study your financing possibilities and do not waste time in vain.

What if I am in the FIJ?

The data present in this database are included automatically or semi-automatically after being published in the official source.

These data provide an image of the person regarding their payment behavior, in this way, it will serve as a study tool in the decision on the granting of any financial product.

In short, any defaults you may have will be reflected in the decision made by financial entities when opting for some type of financing.

A rather peculiar characteristic of this file is that only unpaid debts are taken into account, that is, paid debts are not taken into account. Due to this, it is very likely that once the debt is paid, it will continue to appear in the system.

If you have ever had debts with some type of public body (fines, embargoes, etc.), it is best to constantly check the permanence of this file in the database.

I'm at the FIJ but I don't know why

If you are currently in the file of legal incidents , the most likely thing is that you have acquired a debt with a public body.

In this file you can see detailed information about suspension of payments, embargoes, claims of amount, bankruptcies, and all the information is supplied, as we mentioned before, by public access sources or its own partners.

If you do not know the reason for your stay in the FIJ, it is recommended that you consult your data and verify the registered information.

How long is my data in the FIJ?

The data registered in the FIJ database will be included indefinitely until all the debts that the client owns are paid in full and payment communication is made, or until said debts are legally prescribed (6 years).

When is my data deleted from the FIJ?

One of the main problems that people usually have is that the File of Judicial Incidents , has as a rule, the record only of unpaid debts, in this way it is very likely that once the debt is settled it will not be eliminated from the base of data , because the automatisms to include said information within the file are not the same as to delete them once the problem is solved.

For this reason, it is important that the person is always kept informed about its permanence in the file, and if it continues to appear, personally request the exclusion of their data from the database.

What is the maximum time my data is in the FIJ?

The File of Judicial Incidents is in charge of providing information about the behavior that a person has in front of pending payments, it is important to bear in mind that these data will serve as a guide for the study by financial entities, or any entity that request them, so it is ideal to maintain a good image.

However, the law establishes that the maximum time of permanence in the File of Judicial Incidents , as in the majority of files of defaulters, is of a period of six years.

After this, although the debt can be maintained, the data must be excluded from the database.


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Debts registered in the FIJ can remain on this list of delinquencies for up to 6 years if the right of cancellation is not exercised, since they are fed by public means of publication where incidents are notified but not payments.

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