How to claim revolving cards

How to claim revolving cards: get back the money you have paid in abusive interest

November 19, 2020
By TeichForum

Revolving cards have seen a rebound in favorable rulings thanks to the Supreme Court , however, there are still people who do not know how to claim revolving cards . In fact, there are people who still do not know that they are being victims of their abusive interests and wonder what revolving cards are and why, although they pay their credit card fees , the amount of their debt does not decrease .

Revolving cards are credit cards that grant money to their users as a loan so that they can meet their expenses. This credit is subject to interest that the client will have to pay when he makes use of the borrowed money .

After evaluating the accumulated lawsuits in the courts of all Spain , the Supreme Court declared in the revolving cards judgment of March 4, 2020 that the interest on credit cards that are above 20% will be considered usury .

That is why, if you are being a victim of the abusive interests of one of these credit cards, now you can claim them.

At TeichForum we show you how to claim revolving cards!

Revolving cards claim, how do I do it?

Before knowing how to claim revolving cards, we must know that there are two legal routes . All this depends on each case, so the revolving card lawyers will be the ones to study your particular case and decide what is the best way to start with revolving card claims .

The first thing you must do to claim the abusive interests of a revolving credit card is to file a claim with the financial institution with which you have the contract. Revolving card lawyers advise doing it so that the claim is recorded in the company before going to court . The claim will be sent as a burofax to the Customer Service , by certified email or with acknowledgment of content, to ensure that it will be received by a member of the financial entity to which we are addressing.

Once the Customer Service receives the claim, they will have a maximum period of two months to respond .

The revolving card attorneys at TeichForum have extensive experience in how to claim revolving cards and will assist you in and advise you throughout the process. One of our lawyers will tell you how to proceed with revolving card claims without obligation. The consultation is free! Fees to success.

Revolving credit cards

Revolving card claims

There are already many people who have managed to get all their money back after claiming the abusive interest on their revolving cards. You too can be one of them!

Among the revolving cards sentences is that of a Valladolid neighbor, who had been paying a very high amount of money for the abusive interest for more than 15 years. After discovering how to claim revolving cards, he has been able to recover almost 9,000 euros thanks to the revolving cards lawyers.

Another sentence comes from the hand of the wizink card interest . The Court of First Instance of Vitoria has declared that this bank must pay 9,093 euros to a neighbor of Vitoria, who had accumulated an amount of 1,478 euros in abusive interest on a revolving credit card . In addition, the courts have canceled his debt.

These people, and many more, have been able to get all their money back and get rid of the abusive interests of revolving cards . You can do it too!

Revolving credit cards

Revolving card lawyers

Revolving card lawyers warn that more financial institutions than it seems are turning to gold at the expense of the abusive interest that customers must pay for their revolving cards.

There are two things that revolving card lawyers advise you to know regarding how to claim revolving cards:

  • Prejudicial phase: as a result of the number of revolving card claims, financial institutions are beginning to reach out-of-court settlements. It is advisable not to accept any of these offers before consulting with revolving cards lawyers, since banks will always offer us partial solutions.
  • The rules that protect you: the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users is incompatible with the Usury Law, so revolving card lawyers must study each case carefully.

If you are paying more than 20% in interest and after checking your contract you think you are being the victim of a revolving credit card , contact the revolving card lawyers of iMorosity.

We have extensive experience in claims and we will help you know how to claim revolving cards so that you can easily get all your money back .

In 2019, our revolving card lawyers obtained 468 favorable judgments against financial institutions that apply abusive interests and we helped many people recover their money .

Get in touch with us by calling directly the number +34 301-740-0589 or fill out this form so that we can get in touch with you.

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