Finance a car with ASNEF

Is it possible to finance a car with ASNEF ?

July 27, 2020
By TeichForum

Being included in a list of defaulters carries great inconveniences. Getting any type of financing will be a really difficult task. Thousands of people wonder daily if it is possible to finance a car with Financial Credit Institutions . The first thing we should know is that the most important files in our country are: ASNEF EQUIFAX managed by the company Asnef - Equifax Servicios de Información sobre Solvenncia y Crédito , SL, BADEXCUG , managed by Experian Bureau de Crédito SA, Registry of Unpaid Acceptances or RAI which is privately owned and CIRBE .

You may find yourself in a situation where you need to change your old car and for this you need financing. You have been able to go through a bad financial situation and have entered the dreaded files of defaulters and wondering if you can finance a car with ASNEF .

The answer is yes, you can finance a car with ASNEF . Although the most advisable thing is to leave the files , either temporarily or permanently and, later, request the financing. It is very common for entities that offer financing with Financial Credit Institutions to charge, for example, more interest and commissions.

finance car with asnef

Finance car with Financial Credit Institutions and without entry

There are many private companies in the market that attract customers by offering to finance a car with ASNEF and also without paying anything up front. They are companies that are dedicated to accepting this type of financing. There are times when the dealers themselves offer it to you when you buy the car.

The conditions required by these entities are more flexible than traditional banking entities. On the other hand, there are very few entities that do not require advance payment of 15% or 20% of the value of the vehicle. Accompanying that is a proof of income. These financiers need to make sure that you will pay the fees. Financing a car with ASNEF will not be possible if you do not meet the essential requirements.

These entities have conditions such as taking out vehicle insurance linked to them and that does not give you the option to choose the one you want. Financing a car with ASNEF has more disadvantages than advantages.

Finance car with ASNEF and payroll

The first thing we have to be very clear about is that no matter how high our payroll is, it does not mean that a traditional bank will accept financing from us. Moreover, if you are in a delinquency file , no traditional bank will accept financing. For this reason, the entities with which you can finance a car with ASNEF are private companies that grant credit or loans with ASNEF .

In exchange, they ask you for a guarantee of solvency with your payroll or with any proof of the monthly income you receive. They do this to ensure that you can pay the monthly installments of the money you request. In the delinquency files you can appear for a small debt that you have, what's more, many times we are in a file without knowing it. It is important to know our situation in ASNEF before requesting any type of financing.

Get financing your car in 3 easy steps thanks to TeichForum

In order to request financing for your new car you can do it in 3 simple steps thanks to TeichForum :

Step 1: Start the process for only € 39.80 if you are an individual or € 99.90 if it is a company. TeichForum is responsible for requesting all delinquency files where your data may appear and we will study your case to erase you from them.

2nd step: One of the TeichForum advisers will contact you and we will send you an expert report with all the doubts you may have, with which entity as well as a solution for your problems with the files.

If you accept the budget, we will discount the € 39.80!

3rd step: We send you all the reports with the annotations removed from the files. Now you can request with complete peace of mind the financing you need in a traditional bank and have it accepted.

At TeichForum we have been eliminating file debts for years and enabling thousands of people to access much-needed financing. Our experience will make the difficult easy for you.

finance car with asnef

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