How long can you be on Equifax

Asnef Equifax , how long can you be in Equifax ?

December 09, 2020
By TeichForum

If you have come this far it is likely that your data is included in Asnef Equifax and, therefore, you wonder how long you can be in Equifax .

The period during which the personal data of a natural or legal person may appear in a delinquent file such as Asnef Equifax is 6 years . However, the law allows the creditor the possibility of notifying that the debtor , after expiration of this period, has not yet paid the debt . In other words, the debt is still alive; Therefore, it allows that, if certain conditions are met, the inclusion of your data in the Asnef Equifax file .

If this process is carried out, our personal data will remain in the Asnef Equifax solvency report for another 6 years . So if you're wondering how long you can be on Equifax , the answer is for life . And this can have serious consequences for you.

What is Asnef Equifax

The National Association of Financial Institutions , known as Equifax Asnef , was established in 1975; with the function of managing a large database that collects all the data of individuals, natural or legal, with outstanding debts . The Asnef association is managed and controlled by the private company Equifax .

This means that Equifax and Asnef are the same file of defaulters : with Asnef as the owner of the data and Equifax as the company that exploits them. So if you need to know how long you can be in Equifax , this information will be very useful if your data appears in the Asnef Equifax solvency report .

how long can you be on Equifax

What happens if I appear on Asnef Equifax?

Asnef Equifax is considered one of the largest credit information databases in the world and provides strategic information solutions that help companies and associated financial entities to minimize their risks when offering credit , loans or financing of any kind to your customers.

This means that, if your personal data appears in Asnef Equifax , or any other solvency report , you will not be able to access financing from any traditional bank . Banks do not want to risk lending money to clients who cannot pay the fees and interest that they entail.

Therefore, banks , before granting any type of capital to their clients, take a look at the delinquency files . In the event that the client appears, he will not be able to access any type of financing . On many occasions we are not even aware that we appear in Asnef Equifax until we go to our entity to take out a mortgage or personal loan , for example. Also, as previously discussed, regarding how long you can be at Equifax , the answer is the rest of your life. And this will appear clearly in the solvency reports that banks will receive.

This can bring us great surprises and become a real nightmare for the rest of our lives; Since, as previously mentioned, regarding how long you can be in Equifax, the answer is: the rest of your life.

From TeichForum we can help you exercise all Equifax eRights . We will help you access this information and get the financing you need. The consultation is free! Fees to success.

Equifax Rights

The debtor has the right to know that their personal data will be included in Asnef Equifax .

Once the creditor requests the repayment of the debt , the law will give the affected party 30 days to pay it after the stipulated period . If the payment has not yet been made, the creditor may initiate a request process to include the debtor's personal data in the delinquent file .

In this case, before making a request to Asnef Equifax , the affected party must be notified prior to the inclusion of their data in said solvency report . The debtor must be notified that this inclusion will take place within 60 days .

During this process, the affected person will have the possibility to pay their debt and must be attentive to, in the case of doing so, ensure that their data is not included in Equifax Asnef .

how long can you be on Equifax

Equifax eRights

The term eRights refers to "Exercise your Rights" . Equifax eRights arose so that citizens can exercise their rights before the inclusion of their data in the Asnef Equifax solvency report .

So that all citizens who appear in Asnef Equifax have their rights guaranteed, the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD) establishes the ARCO rights ; word that refers to the initials of access , rectification , cancellation and opposition .


Everyone has the right to obtain information about the uses that are being given to their data , as well as their origin , where they appear and their treatment.


All citizens have the right to have their data , in which case it is incomplete or incorrect, be modified or corrected .


Everyone has the right to demand that their data be removed from the delinquent file .


All citizens have the right to object to their data being processed .

Ultimately, everyone has the right to know if their data has been included in a delinquent file and, in that case, they can initiate a claim process ; as well as the process of eliminating your data from the delinquency file in which it appears.

how long can you be on Equifax

Consult Asnef Equifax

After knowing how long you can be in Equifax and your rights as a person who has been included in Asnef Equifax , you should know the ways to proceed with the claim of these reports.

The only possible way to withdraw our personal data from Asnef Equifax is by claiming the data . The legal term to resolve a claim for including personal data in delinquent files is 30 days .

Asnef Equifax has a telephone , but it is not for inquiries ; Therefore, they will not attend to any question related to exercising these rights.

That is why from TeichForum we are at your disposal, so that you can successfully get out of the delinquency files and you can access the financing you need .

We have expert advisers and lawyers in Asnef Equifax and the rest of the delinquent files, who will attend you in a personalized way and will try to find the best solution together with you so that you can get out of the files .

Call 301-740-0589 or fill out this form and we will get in touch with you!

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