Reports Natural Persons

Reports for individuals, what are they and how are they requested?

November 06, 2020
By TeichForum

To understand what natural persons reports are, we must be clear about what the word solvency means , which refers to the ability of a person, whether physical or legal, to meet their financial obligations. This means that the solvency of a person or company is the ability to repay the debts they have.

Depending on the solvency report we have, a creditor can make decisions about whether or not it is convenient to grant us financing. The reports of natural persons are also very useful to know the current situation of a debtor and whether or not he is meeting his payment obligations.

We must not confuse solvency with liquidity . Liquidity is the ability of companies to meet their short-term payment obligations, while solvency measures the ability to pay in a longer term.

When we talk about personal finances, solvency is given by the possible delinquency of both natural and legal persons with respect to their present debts and by their income level.

Reports natural persons

Solvency reports of natural persons

Solvency reports are offered by the databases best known as delinquent files. These reports contain the personal data of the debtor , the entity with which the debt is owed and the amount thereof. In other words, they collect the information of individuals with outstanding debts . These databases, better known as defaulter files , were designed so that financial institutions can check and evaluate the ability to pay the debts of their clients or future clients.

Based on whether we appear in these databases, they will grant us funding or not. This means that if your name appears in the reports for individuals, you will not be able to access any type of financing with traditional financial entities. And, the entities that offer financing even being in a file of defaulters will make us pay really high interest.

Before requesting any type of financing, it is advisable to request the solvency report and prevent future surprises. There are many cases in which a person does not know that he is in a delinquent file until he does not apply for financing and it is denied. If you want to request your solvency report, you can contact TeichForum by filling in this form and one of our advisors will contact you without any obligation.

Free solvency report

We must be very careful with private companies that pose as defaulter files and offer you the reports for free individuals. The operation of these companies is as follows:

These companies only have telephone attention. In the first part of the process, you have to call a number with a 902 prefix and they keep us on the phone for about 10 minutes. In this period of time they welcome us, add advertising, legal notices, etc.

After this presentation, we are attended by an operator who requests personal data. After a few minutes waiting for them to check our data, they tell us that we are indeed in a file of defaulters (they give us confirmation even though they have not been able to review it) and that we must call an 807 line to exit the files for free .

What we do not know is that an 807 prefix has a call cost of up to 1.60 euros per minute . When we call an 807 number, they will keep us on the phone until the limit of legal minutes, which is 30, when they reach 29 minutes the call is automatically cut off. This causes you to call again successively and that at the end of the month your phone bill can reach avery high additional cost .

Many of our clients have had to pay bills of more than 300 euros for calling these private companies that pose as defaulter files.

How to request a credit report with TeichForum

At TeichForum we have been eliminating annotations from delinquency files for more than 10 years and making thousands of people access financing. How do we do it? The first thing is to carry out a detailed study of your case, checking if you appear in any delinquency file. If you appear in the files, the way to remove that data from the file is studied, either by deleting it or by claiming it. Our experience will make this whole process easy for you.

You can contact TeichForum through the free phone 944489152 or fill out the form on the website and we will get in touch. You can also start the process online through the following button:

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