List of revolving cards

Revolving cards list, does your card appear on this list?

October 02, 2020
By TeichForum

List of revolving cards, have you already checked if your credit card is revolving ? There are many people who still do not know what it means to have a revolving card or " cheat card " in their wallets. With a revolving card, the financial institution with which you hire it will lend you an amount of money previously established in the contract. As you pay the fees, the money on your card will be replenished. These cards are associated with interests that if they exceed 20% are considered usury. There are entities that have very little transparency in their contracts and the client does not know what he is really filming or how much interest he will end up paying.

Revolving cards have become in our country the most popular cards to be able to pay and defer payment for purchases made. Most of the advertising that we will see about these cards will be from financial institutions offering quick and easy money to return in comfortable installments. What we do not know is that these cards have abusive interests associated with them. A list of revolving cards can help you identify them.

There are entities that have been made gold by the abusive interests that they are charging their clients. In Spain, the entities most affected by revolving card claims are: WiZink , CETELEM, COFIDIS and VIVUS. Thousands of clients are already getting their money back thanks to TeichForum's revolving card attorneys .

revolving cards list

How to know if I have a revolving card

It is really easy to know if we have a revolving card. Thanks to the list of revolving cards that you will find in this article, it will be easy for you to identify if your card is revolving.

Another way to know if our credit card is revolving is through the way in which you return the money they lend you. Revolving cards have the following characteristics:

  • In a revolving card they only give us the option to return the money through monthly installments.
  • You cannot pay all the money you have spent with your revolving card at the end of the month.
  • With this type of card we will always pay a percentage of interest.
  • A revolving card is associated with a line of credit that will determine how much we can spend per month.

revolving cards list

Revolving Cards List

In this list of revolving cards you can find in alphabetical order all the financial institutions that offer revolving cards and the name of the card. We must not forget that this list revolving cards list revolving cards is an indicative list and not all cards may have abusive interests. Therefore, it is very important to contact the lawyers who are experts in revolving cards that we have at TeichForum. You will be able to consult everything you need for free.

If your card does not appear here, please contact us. It does not mean that because it does not come out it cannot be canceled by revolving. There are many entities or revolving cards that have not yet been detected and that we will update.


Classic VISA Abanca

Abanca VISA Gold

Advanvia Banch YOU Mastercard

Alcampo (provided by Oney)

Alsa Plus Visa (provided by BBVA)

AKÍ DIY (provided by Oney)

Air Europa Suma Visa (attached to Bankinter)

American express Blue

American express Business Gold

American express Gold

American express Platinum


BP (provided by Bankinter)

Road Bench VISA Classic

Banco Caminos VISA Oro

Bankia MasterCard Champions Credit

Bankia Visa Purchases

Bankia Visa Credit Individuals

Bankia Visa Credit Plus

Bankia Visa Dual Plus

Bankia Flexible Visa

Bankia Visa ON

Bankia Visa Gold

Bankinter Visa Coinc

Bankinter Visa I want

Bankinter Single Classic Visa

Bankinter Single Visa Gold

BankinterCard Gold

BankinterCard Platinum

Bankinter Visa Consumer Finance

BBVA MasterCard Business

BBVA Visa at Your Rhythm

BBVA Visa a Tu Ritmo Blue

BBVA Visa After

BBVA Visa After Blue

BBVA MasterCard Infinit Gold

BBVA Visa CX Gold


Caixa VISA

Caixa VISA Platinum

Caixabank Click & Go Loan

Caixabank Loan Family non-clients

Caixabank American Express Amex Plus

Caixabank American Express Plus

Caixabank MasterCard

Caixabank MasterCard Estrella

Caixabank MasterCard Gold

Caixabank Visa Classic

Caixabank Visa Gold

Caixabank Visa Gold Flexible

Caixabank Visa Imagin Credit

Caixabank Visa Gold

Caixabank Visa Platinum

Caixabank Visa Platinum Gold

Caja España Visa Gold Class

Cajasur Visa Classic

Cajasur Visa Dual

Cajasur Visa Gold

Cajasur Visa Red

Carrefour Pass

Cetelem MasterCard Aurora

Cetelem Visa Paypal

Gran Canaria basketball club (Member of Bankia)

Cofidis MasterCard

Conforama MasterCard (provided by Cetelem)


Decathlon (attached to Oney)

Deutsche Bank Visa Family

Deutsche Bank Preferred Visa

Deutsche Bank Preferred Visa Gold

Deutsche Bank Visa Shopping

Deutsche Bank MasterCard Premium Gold


Eroski Red Visa (provided by Banco Santander - Consumer Finanace)

Spain Duero MasterCard Premium Gold

Spain Duero Visa Gold Class

Evo Bank MasterCard

Evo Bank MasterCard Spain

Evo Visa Classic Bank

Evo Bank Visa Woman

Evo Bank MasterCard Evo Credit

Evo Smart Visa Bank

Evo Banco VisaFinance Classic


Fnac Visa (attached to Caixabank - Finconsum)


Groupon Visa (provided by Bankinter)


Ibercaja MasterCard Acqua

Ibercaja MasterCard Buy Plus

Ibercaja MasterCard Credit

Ibercaja MasterCard Platinum

Ibercaja Visa Gold Class

Ibercaja Visa Diamond

Ibercaja Visa Dual

Ibercaja Visa Platinum

Ibercaja Visa Platinum Global

Ibercaja Visa Universal

Iberia Business Visa (attached to BBVA)

Iberia Cards Visa Iberia Classic

Iberia Cards Visa Iberia Icon

Iberia Cards Visa Iberia Sendo

Iberia Classic Visa (attached to BBVA)

Iberia Icon Business (member of BBVA)

Iberia Icon Corporate (member of BBVA)

Iberia Icon Visa (belongs to BBVA)

Iberia Max Mastercard (belongs to Banco Popular)

Iberia Professional Visa (provided by BBVA)

Iberia Iberia Sendo American Express Business

Iberia Business (provided by BBVA)

Iberia Professional (provided by BBVA)

Inditex Affinity (member of UNOE- BBVA Group)

IKEA Visa (provided by Caixabank)

IKEA Fámily MasterCard (belongs to Banco Santander - Consumer Finanace)

ING Direct Visa

ING Direct Visa Gold


Kutxabank Visa Extra

Kutxabank Visa Flexibuy

Kutxabank Visa K26 +

Kutxabank Visa Gold


Leroy Merlin (provided by Oney)

Liberbank MasterCard Classic

Liberbank MasterCard More

Liberbank MasterCard Platinum

Liberbank Visa Gold

Liberbank MasterCard Platinum (attached to Obsidian)

MasterCard Hotline (belongs to Obsidiana)


Marenostrum MasterCard

Marenostrum Visa Gold

Mediamarkt Club Card Visa (provided by Caixabank)

Mediulanum Visa Classic

Mediulanum Visa Gold

Meliá Rewards (member of American Express)

MTV Visa (provided by Bankia)


Open Bank Visa 123

Open Bank Visa Classic

Open Bank Visa Open Credit

Open Bank Visa Gold


Banco Popular Visa Global Bonus

Banco Popular Visa Global Elite

Banco Popular Visa Hop


Renfe (belongs to American Express)

Renfe Dorada MasterCard (attached to Liberbank)

Renfe Dorada VISA (provided by Ibercaja)

Repsol VISA (provided by BBVA)


Self Bank American Express Self Bank

Self Bank Visa Classic Credit

Self Bank Visa Credit Gold

Self Bank Visa Credit Gold

Simply (Supermercados Sabeco) (attached to Oney)

Solred MasterCard Professional (belongs to Banco Popular)

Solred MasterCard Business (provided by Targobank)


Targobank MasterCard Business Solred

Targobank Visa Global Bonus +

Targobank Visa Global Elite

Targobank Visa Global Bonus +

Targobank Visa Global Elite


Unión Fenosa MasterCard (Banco Santander - Consumer Finanace)

Ventajón Visa (attached to Banco Santander - Consumer Finanace)

Unicaja Visa Classic

Unicaja Visa Gold

Unicaja Business Gold

Unicaja Blue

Unicaja Gold

Unicaja Platinum

Unoe Affinity Card (Inditex)

Unoe VISA credit


Ecuador Travel Visa (provided by Banco Popular)

Vodafone Visa (belongs to Bankinter)


Wizink Bank Visa Classic

Wizink Bank Visa Gold

Wizink Bank Visa Barclaycard

revolving cards list

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