In recent years, the economic crisis has affected the financial health of many Spanish families who have lost their jobs, which has been complicating the payment of the different loans they had. The problems to pay the mortgage have caused that many have had to choose to renegotiate the mortgage , an option that unfortunately not everyone has been able to access.

Getting a home is one of the greatest aspirations of users, and that in Spain, the culture of owning a particular residence is ar rai gada. This has meant that millions of families have applied for bank loans in order to acquire a house permanently.

Renegotiate a mortgage?

The problem has come when debts have stopped being paid on a regular basis, which has led to great conflicts in the financial market. When a person begins to have difficulty coping with a debt, they can request to renegotiate the mortgage or stop paying it. If the latter happens, after a while it will enter a list of defaulters such as ASNEF's , from which it can be very difficult to get out.

In recent years, renegotiating a mortgage is one of the options most requested by users, and that is that no one wants to lose their home or enter a list of defaulters.

What is a delinquent list and how to get out of it?

The list of defaulters is a record that provides information on the defaults that both natural and legal persons have made. It is an automated database that contains the names of people who have defaults . That is, it is a way of classifying people by the act of paying their debts or not.

A natural or legal person appears on a list of defaulters after a certain number of months have passed without paying, for example, the installment of a mortgage . Spanish Agency for Data Protection, the name of the debtor will be listed after four months accumulated unpaid s.

It is easier to enter one of these lists than to exit them, since in many cases users are not aware that they have been registered. If someone suspects that it is there and wants to leave, it is best to contact professionals in this field, such as iMorosity.

Being within one of these records can be counterproductive, since no credit or loan can be requested. In turn, it is necessary to carry out these searches, or have a company that does them, to find out, for example, if people with whom you want to start a business or project are inside.

Main lists of defaulters

In Spain there are several records of defaulters and their managers have the duty to inform new entrants within a maximum period of thirty days, although this is not always fulfilled for different reasons. If you suspect that you are within one of the lists that will be named below and you want to know and obtain information about it, we advise you to go to TeichForum. They will be able to solve all your doubts and will help you get out of those lists that make it so difficult, for example, to acquire a home.

How to avoid the mortgage

Economic problems in the family are usually due to mortgages that are too high for the salary they have, which forces them to stop paying for a while, so they enter the delinquent lists , which in turn prevents them from returning to apply for a loan to help them get out of trouble.

As we have already commented on more than one occasion, one of the main reasons why users want to win a financial prize or are willing to take a mortgage for most of their lives is the fact of being able to acquire a home.

That is why Sesortea offers an online house raffle platform in which you have the possibility of winning a property in a simple and economical way. In response to a real need, that of buying a home, and facing the reality that not everyone has this possibility, Sesortea was born.

The team works to offer users the ability to win a home simply by purchasing a ballot. It is all very simple, it is only necessary to enter the web, register, if it is the first time it is done, leave the data and buy a number or all that you want for € 5. Once the draw has been made, the winner will be contacted and the keys to their new home will be given to them.

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