Lists of defaulters

10 ways to know if I am on one of the delinquent lists

January 29, 2020
By TeichForum

Being on one of the lists of defaulters that exist can be a very important problem. A debt with a telephone company or the non - payment of a fine is enough to enter one of these files. Many times citizens discover that they are on one of these lists of defaulters when they seek financing and they are denied it because they are in a delinquency file. Therefore, it is very important to know if our name is on these lists.

How to know if I'm on a delinquent list

  • The first, and most obvious, is having received a letter that comes from a company that can be called ASNEF Equifax or Experian Badexcug

    where they will indicate that our data has been included in their database. ASNEF Equifax and Experian Badexcug are the names of the most important and well-known lists of defaulters at the national level and that all entities consult before approving any request for financing.

  • You may also receive a letter from one of the well-known collection or collection management companies.

    Collection companies also known as vulture funds are companies dedicated to acquiring debts that other companies have not been able to collect and trying to recover them. Their practices are often known for insistent calls and certain types of "threats."
    Collection management companies, however, are responsible for, as their name suggests, managing the collection of debts from a company that has hired them for it. The first thing these companies do is include our name on a list of defaulters, so if we receive calls from one of these companies ... almost certainly, our name will appear on the list.

If when requesting registration in an electricity, light or water company or in a telephone company they deny us the service. Sometimes they can tell us why and sometimes they just deny us the request.
They deny us funding. If when applying to our bank or any other bank for a loan , a credit card or a mortgage we are denied, it is very likely that our name is on the delinquent lists.

  • They deny us the financing of an appliance, an electronic device, a dental intervention, a car, a master's degree or any product that can be financed.

    Large stores and certain companies offer us the possibility of financing our purchases by paying them in comfortable installments but, before approving the financing, they will check if our name appears in any delinquency file. If our name appears, they will deny us financing and, in this way, we will know that our name may appear in one of these delinquency files.
    If we have had some type of fine, delay in Social Security payments, delay in paying a tax, etc. and we have missed the payment term, it has surely been published in the BOE . The delinquency files include in their databases all the annotations published in Official Gazettes. Specifically ASNEF in the part of Judicial Claims and Public Organizations.

  • We are denied portability from one phone company to another.

    When requesting portability from one company to another, they will also check the delinquency files. If we are denied, it is likely that our name appears in a delinquency file.

  • We are denied discharge from an insurance company.

    The insurances, when agreeing with us periodic payments, also make a check on the delinquency files before we can contract the service. If we are denied, our name may appear on one of the delinquent lists.

  • Make an application for a loan or mini-credit online.

    On the internet there are countless credit institutions that allow applications to be made online. When we fill out these applications, the entity will do a study to find out whether or not we can access the credit . If instead of receiving an approval they deny us the request, it is very likely that our name will appear in a file of defaulters .

  • Request the official reports of the delinquency files.

    The best way to know if our name appears in a delinquency file and why is to request a detailed report with the information that the file has about us. This process is tedious and many times it can take too long. The best thing is to have companies specialized in this type of procedure. In TeichForum we will be able to compile the reports of all the delinquency files where you are likely to appear and in addition to that we will carry out a study to indicate the best way to make your name disappear from those files.
    Call us, we will be happy to help you. 944489152.

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