Identity theft consists of the usurpation of a person's identity, that is, impersonating another and assuming their identity in the face of legal traffic. In the digital environment, one of the most common procedures is to do it through phishing.

The cases of identity theft are usually given to request a product or service and have access to certain resources, credit or benefits. In the case of social networks, it usually occurs to cause harm to the person impersonated.

On many occasions, identity theft directs us to the delinquent lists . Someone hires a service with our identity, does not pay for it and the person impersonated goes on to acquire a debt . The subject who requested something on our behalf or impersonated us, surely did not provide a correct address. The file will try to notify us with notifications. These notices will not reach us and we will not know that we are in a delinquent file . Among the files to which this person is a part are ASNEF and Experian .

From TeichForum we have known several cases such as that of a client who had a debt in his name that exceeded 10,000 euros. Surprised by the amount he had to pay, he began to inquire until he discovered that the person who had acquired this debt was a person who posed as him.

What crimes can be committed with identity theft?

Usually a crime of identity theft is accompanied by more crimes. These are the most common:

  • Smear actions with economic intentions. These can be for the benefit of the usurper or of another person who pays for it and receives an economic benefit.
  • As for computer scams, we can find the theft of bank account keys to obtain money or to forge credit cards and make purchases with them or even request a loan or mortgage .
  • Password theft is also common for the dissemination of private images for smear purposes. This would be a crime of discovery and disclosure of secrets. To this case you can add another crime of damage to supports, networks or computer systems.
  • The threat and extortion made by the usurper if the computer material of bank accounts, company data or private photos have an economic interest for the criminal.
  • Another very common identity theft crime is hiring mobile phone services on behalf of another person so that a debt is created that includes them in the delinquent files.

Impersonation in social networks

Identity theft on Facebook

Identity theft on Facebook is a very common case among young people. To access your account, they send you a message via WhatsApp, to Facebook itself or to email with an external link. By clicking on this link, the usurper already has access to all your personal data and passwords.

This is a problem that is increasing daily as hackers often use it to steal data, passwords, profiles and even discredit the impersonated person. On other occasions, they pose as financial entities to get our banking information.

Impersonation on Instagram

Instagram is not immune to hackers either. This social network tends to clean false or inactive accounts, deleting them immediately. His fight against spam, as Instagram put it, consists of maintaining this platform as "an authentic network where real people share real moments."

The famous blue Instagram verification tick is another security measure that the network has to show that the account we are visiting is real. We can see this tic in profiles of public figures, artists, actors, and important brands.

TeichForum , the perfect solution

If your identity has been supplanted and you are in a file of defaulters , at TeichForum we can help you. Unfortunately, there are more and more cases of this type. If you think you are in a situation of identity theft and you suspect it, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will attend you in a personalized way with professionals in this field and we will study your case. To contact TeichForum you can call the toll-free number 944489152 directly or fill out the form and we will get in touch with you. All this without any commitment.

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