Solvency Report , what is it and how is it consulted?

09 September 2020
By TeichForum

Given the complicated situation that we have had to live in recent months, many families and businesses are being forced to request financing in order to solve their financial situation . The problem comes when we go to a financial institution, we request that financing and they deny it to us because it is included in a delinquent file . The bank will not give us the information about the debt we have, nor its amount or even with which company.

solvency report

After knowing this, doubts take over us and we do not know where to start to manage it. How am I in a delinquent file ? Why won't they give me the loan ? What is ASNEF ? How do I get out of a delinquent file ?

Don't worry, in this article you can get answers to all those questions. In order to get out of this situation, the first thing we have to do is contact a company like TeichForum to request the solvency report and thus be able to know our debt.

Solvency report, what is it?

A credit report is a database that collects information on individuals or legal entities that financial institutions use to test and evaluate the ability to meet the debts that these people cont rai gan.

A person who appears in a solvency report or in a delinquent file will not be able to access financing from any traditional banking entity. Banks do not risk lending money to a person who cannot pay the installments of the money that he requests.

That is why financial institutions, before granting financing, consult the most common databases in Spain ( ASNEF EQUIFAX , Experian BADEXCUG , RAI and CIRBE ) to know the solvency of the applicant.

Report on the financial and solvency situation

As we have mentioned previously, the financial entity in which we request the financing will request our solvency report to know the payment capacity we have and what our solvency report current economic situation .

Most financial entities, insurance companies, etc. They have access to these reports through the well-known delinquent files . The companies, before making a decision about accepting or denying financing, access the information registered in the delinquent files.

After a solvency report, what is a delinquent file?

A delinquent file is a database that collects the personal data of citizens who have pending payment of certain amounts of money . The financial entities that accept financing from us, telephone companies or those that offer a service consult these databases and request a solvency report to verify the ability of the applicant to pay.

We must be clear that a person registered in a defaulter file will not be able to receive financing from traditional banks. The entities that offer loans with Financial Credit Institutions are associated with really high interests and we can end up in a spiral of debt with no way out.

solvency report

Free solvency report

There are many private companies that offer the credit report for free. This is not possible. We must be very careful with this type of company that informs us that by calling a number that begins with 807 we can get out of the files for free. This is a fraud.

The only thing that these types of companies want is to keep you on the phone as long as possible since a call to an 807 prefix has a cost of approximately 1.50 euros per minute.

TeichForum is currently the only company supported by the European Social Fund and we have been featured in countless media outlets. Request your solvency report and get your cancellation in any delinquency file quickly and efficiently thanks to iMorosity.

solvency report

How to request a solvency report?

With TeichForum you will be able to get the cancellation of all delinquency files in 3 simple steps:

solvency report Start the process! We will consult all the delinquency files where you may appear and our expert advisors will study how to erase the annotations that may appear.

solvency report One of our expert advisors will contact you to send you an expert report with all the information about your debts and propose the solution that we have found to your problem.

solvency report We will send you the reports with the annotations erased and at that moment you will be able to fulfill your objective: finance a car, get your loan , change your mobile phone, make that reform you want, etc.

Don't think twice, start the process today, get the financing you need and start a new life without debt.

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