Equifax Asnef , what does it entail to be registered in this file?

August 03, 2020
By TeichForum

The National Association of Financial Entities , better known as Equifax Asnef is an association that was born in 1957 with the function of managing a large database that collects all the data of people who do not pay their debts, whether they are natural or legal persons. This association is managed and controlled by the private company known as Equifax .

There are many occasions in which companies include one of their clients in Equifax Asnef when they do not comply with the payments of their debts. The Equifax Asnef database is part of the well-known files or lists of defaulters . These files usually include about 200,000 people each month and only at the national level.

If your personal data appears in a file of defaulters you can have great inconveniences. You must be clear that traditional banks do not lend money to anyone who is registered in a file of defaulters like Equifax Asnef . The companies that offer financing with Asnef have tougher conditions and above all, you will pay much more in interest and you will have to leave some of your belongings as collateral, such as a car.

Equifax Asnef

After Equifax Asnef, what is Equifax Ibérica?

We have come across several situations in which many people believe that Asnef and Equifax are two different delinquency files. You are wrong. Asnef is the owner of the data and Equifax is the one who manages them. When we hear someone talk about the Asnef file or the Equifax file, we must know that they are talking about the same delinquent file .

It is a North American company that has been managed since 1994 through the subsidiary Equifax Servicios Sobre Solvencia y Credito SL that operates in our country. Equifax Ibérica is the Equifax Asnef defaulter file .

This database is considered one of the largest credit information databases worldwide and thanks to this it is capable of providing strategic information solutions to minimize the financial risks of associated companies.

After Equifax Asnef, what are Equifax Rights?

Equifax Rights were created so that any citizen can exercise their rights before the Equifax Asnef list of defaulters. In many places we will read eDerechos , this term is short for Exercise your Rights. What this word means is that although your data is included in Equifax Asnef there are certain rights for the debtor is.

A large number of companies have access to Equifax Asnef and include their clients in it even if their debt is not fair. Today, a large number of people are unaware that it is a defaulter file and companies take advantage of it. For this reason, Equifax Asnef created Equifax Rights to defend the rights of citizens.

equifax asnef

Consult Equifax Asnef with TeichForum and exit the delinquent files

That our personal data is registered in a file of defaulters brings us great inconveniences against which we will have to constantly deal with. Being in a file will become a great nightmare. We even come across people who do not know that they are enrolled in Equifax Asnef until they want to take out a mortgage or any service and are denied it.

In TeichForum we have expert advisors in Equifax Asnef and in the other files of defaulters. They will attend you in a personalized way to find the best solution: get out of the files. In order to contract any type of financing, there are two options: definitively exit the delinquent files or request the precautionary withdrawal of them and request the financing you need.

If you need more information, you can contact TeichForum by calling 944489152 or by filling in the form on the website and we will contact you. Our goal is to provide quality services.

Equifax asnef

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