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鈥淚 am very grateful and pleased to have placed all my trust in TeichForum. They have solved my problem with total efficiency and, thanks to their good work, I have managed to get off the delinquent list. The treatment and care of all this team of great professionals has been excellent and very affectionate throughout the process (鈥). "

To帽y Ortego

鈥淚 have had very good treatment from all the people who have answered me on the phone. They are friendly and answer all your questions. The reports have taken 4 days longer than they told me, but I understand that there are processes that take time, so I totally recommend it "

Yasmina Levefere

鈥淪uper quick to solve these kinds of problems. I wanted to know how to know if I am on the delinquent list and how to get out of the delinquent registry. They are 100% transparent with all the information you need to know. I recommend it."

Estefania Sardina

鈥淚n my opinion, they are a great team of professionals (鈥) I was lucky enough to speak with an advisor who told me perfectly what I had to do to get out of the delinquent file in which they had put me as soon as possible. A month later and paying of course for the service I had contracted, my name no longer appears in the Experian file (鈥). "

Sonia Martin

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Our Advice about Debt Files

Solve your doubts with the delinquent files

We clarify all your doubts regarding delinquency files. Here you will find all the information you need to know about delinquency files and what to do if you find yourself in any of them.

What is a delinquent file?

A delinquent file is a large database where the defaults of both natural and legal persons are recorded. That our name is registered in a file of defaulters carries with it the problem of not being able to request a loan, a mortgage, finance a car or hire any financial product. We must be very clear that no traditional financial institution leaves money to a person registered in any delinquent file.

The existence of delinquent files is regulated and protected by article 29 of the Data Protection Law, as well as the inclusion in its registry of data on past due, creditable and enforceable defaults. With having a single debt of the minimum amount you can enter the dreaded files of defaulters.

The entities that consult these files are entities associated with them in order to know in advance which people comply with their payment obligations and which do not, in order to know whether to lend the money or not. That is why any type of financing, contracting of supplies or other benefits will be denied to any natural or legal person that is registered in a delinquent file.

How can I consult a file of defaulters?

The files are automated, so it is very important that they do not include us in any of them, since this inclusion would mark us as bad payers and they will harm any future economic project that we want to carry out with an individual or company, since once They have included us, all those associated with these files can know that we are delinquent.

How do I know if I am on a delinquent list?

Knowing if you are on a list of defaulters is very important, since being on a list of defaulters could harm many aspects of your life and it is currently easier than it is believed to enter a list of defaulters.

The first thing we must do if we want to know if we are on a delinquent list, is to access the delinquency files, find out the amount of debt for which we have been included in the delinquent list and who has included us in the delinquency files. . In the USA there are 3 main delinquency files where we have to see if our name appears inside: ASNEF , EXPERIAN and RAI .

ARCO Rights- Lists of defaulters

All the people included in a list of defaulters have the so-called: ARCO Rights. This means that the people who have been included in a file of defaulters have the right to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition.

Right of access to the lists of defaulters

The right of access to the data responds to the fact that any person included in a delinquent file has the right to access the information that the delinquent lists collect about us. This information includes the amount of the debt and the information of the creditors. By law, delinquency files are obliged to deliver all the information to us within a period of up to 30 days.

Right to rectify the data included in a list of defaulters

The right to rectification allows everyone included in a delinquent file to correct possible errors that have been made and thus guarantee the validity of the data included in the delinquent lists.

Right to cancel the data included in a delinquent file

The right of cancellation allows users to eliminate erroneous data that have been included in any delinquency list at the national level.

Right of opposition

Finally, the right of opposition is the one that certifies the privacy of all users included in a list of defaulters by controlling the use made of their data.

Therefore, reviewing them is just as easy, consulting the list of defaulters is a process that can be accessed from any device with internet access and enter various web pages offered by the national service and fill out a form with the data requested personal, in order to verify the identity of the interested party.

This can be done if you want to know if you are a defaulter or if someone with whom you are about to do business is. At TeichForum we will help you.

How do I know if I am delinquent?

If after following the steps above, you still appear on this list, do not suffer and remember that being a defaulter is not limited to professional scammers and it is easier than it is to enter this list.

Either because you left a payment to be made, you forgot to register an invoice or you are the victim of an irregularity, whatever the reason, if your data appears in it, we regret to inform you that you are a defaulter.

But don't worry, what if you are in that uncomfortable situation, we will remove you from any delinquent file and we will gladly show you the solution, although you must bear in mind that it is not.

This can be done if you want to know if you are a defaulter or if someone with whom you are about to do business is. At TeichForum we will help you.

An advantage of these unpaid lists is that they show you everything related to the debt, since the company has participated, the reason for which they added you, the date and all the information regarding the individual and their registered debts.

How can I delete my data from a delinquent file?

Although you want to fix your situation, and it may seem like an eternal process, it is not.

After making the consultation with TeichForum, you can review the amount of the debt and be willing to pay the amount, or if not, because it has been there for more than (6) years or because it is an unjustified collection, you can request a removal from the file, stating the reason and, as the case may be, they can grant it to you at least temporarily.

In the same way, after making the payment, you should be eliminated from these lists, being exonerated of all debt. It is the example in cases of how to leave ASNEF.

But don't worry, what if you are in that shameful situation, we will remove you from any delinquent file and we will gladly show you the solution, although you must bear in mind that it is not as easy to exit as it was to enter.

How many files of defaulters are there?

There are many delinquency files, but most of them are private and internal and in turn specialized in specific branches, in the case of INDIVIDUALS and COMPANIES, the most relevant are: ASNEF-EQUIFAX, EXPERIAN-BADEXCUG, INFORMA, RAI and to complement this risk information the CIRBE.

The information collected by these files is communicated by all types of credit or financial entities, telecommunications companies, services of all kinds, insurance companies and even in some cases, public or judicial information.

In TeichForum we will work to know all this information immediately and that it is available to any citizen and / or company.

Can my data be indefinitely in a delinquent file?

The data can be on any list for a maximum period of 6 years or more, depending on the case. What you don't know is that companies when the date is about to expire, sell your data to other companies so you never stop appearing as a defaulter.

With us you can check which file of defaulters you are in and how much time is left for your debt to mature.

Can I be in a delinquent file without knowing it?

Unfortunately if.

Although it should not be possible, since you have the right to be notified by letter within an approximate period of 30 days, in order to be able to rectify the debt although if you do not know it, you can enter TeichForum and clear up any doubts such as the most common of all "how to know if I am in Asnef".

If I pay the debt, will they take me out of the delinquent file?

This is perhaps one of the most important steps to consider. After paying the debt, through TeichForum we notify the file that the payment has already been made and we manage the exclusion from the list, since although it should not be like that and despite having paid the debt, it is possible that they will not delete you from the file .

If you have made the payment and your name continues to appear in the files, they must be notified of the irregularity, and they will be in charge of verifying the error and correcting it as soon as possible.

List of defaulters

The delinquent lists are automated databases where you can find the defaults of both individuals and companies.

Finding yourself on a list of defaulters on many occasions can be a problem since, if your name appears in a delinquency file or list of defaulters, financial institutions will probably deny your request for financing.

The delinquent lists are intended to inform financial institutions of the credit profile of the loan applicant. If our name appears on a list of defaulters, we will surely be denied a mortgage, a car loan or even a credit card. It is likely that they will also give us problems when it comes to registering supplies such as electricity or water if companies consult the lists of defaulters and our name appears in one of them.

Defaulter lists law

Currently the law that regulates the inclusion of a natural or legal person in a list of defaulters is regulated in article 29 of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of personal data and Instruction 1/1995 of the Spanish Agency for EPD Data Protection (AEPD).

The law requires that a series of requirements be met to include a natural or legal person on a list of defaulters.

Requirements to be included in a list of defaulters

Next, we will explain which are the most common requirements to include an individual or a company in a delinquent file:

  • There must be an overdue debt , which can be demanded and true. This means that the debt can be quantified in money and that there is no doubt about its origin.
  • Debt claimed. That is, there must be a prior claim for payment before our name is included in a list of defaulters.
  • There should not be any document that proves that any of the above requirements are valid. Doubts about the legality of the debt may establish the precautionary disappearance of the data in the delinquent lists, therefore, the elimination of said debt in the delinquency files.

In addition to these series of requirements to include our name in a delinquent file, the process of inclusion in the delinquent lists is also subject to certain times that must be met. Currently, the law does not specify a minimum term to be able to include a debt in the file. The holder of the list of defaulters is also obliged to notify the insertion in the defaulter file within 30 days, if he does not do so, he incurs a serious offense that may be punishable.

Despite the fact that there is an obligation by law to inform about the inclusion of a natural or legal person in a list of defaulters, there are times that an individual may not know whether or not his name is included in the defaulter file, this may be due , for example, to a change of address. The law establishes that anyone has the right to have access to their data and to know who has included them in the delinquent lists.

How to get off the delinquent list?

Being included in a delinquent list is easier than what we may think, sometimes the difficult thing is how to get out of the delinquent lists. At TeichForum we work every day helping all our clients to get out of delinquent files in an efficient and fast way.

There are often many problems and consequences that people who have been placed on a delinquent list face. As we have said, the most important is how difficult it is to obtain financing if our name is included in a list of defaulters.

Identity theft is another reason why your name may appear on the delinquent lists, this is something more common than we can imagine. In addition to identity theft, the inappropriate cancellation of a service can also cause us to be included in a file of defaulters.

At TeichForum we have experience dealing with identity theft issues and the consequences this can have if you've been included on a delinquent list. Our team of experts will advise you for free if you find yourself with a bad processing of a cancellation in any service. Let our experts help you.

List of defaulters USA

In the USA there are a variety of lists of defaulters in which we can be included. There are delinquency files in which only individuals are included, other delinquency lists in which companies are included or files in which both companies and individuals are included.

List of defaulters for individuals

List of ASNEF defaulters

ASNEF is the most important delinquency file in the USA, this list of delinquents includes both individuals and companies. ASNEF are the acronyms that refer to the National Association of Credit Financial Establishments. This list of defaulters is managed by EQUIFAX and was created in 1967. All the information that is included in the ASNEF defaulters file is provided by the partners or companies that make up this database. These companies are usually financial institutions and companies supplying gas, electricity and even telephony. If you have been included in the ASNEF defaulter file, trust our expert TeichForum advisors to leave the ASNEF quickly and efficiently.

List of defaulters EXPERIAN

The Experian Badexcug delinquent list is managed by the Experian Credit Bureau company. This list of defaulters is less known than the file of defaulters of ASNEF . The EXPERIAN defaulter list is the most well-known defaulter file worldwide and operates in 37 countries and more and more companies choose to use it in the USA. Register debts of both individuals and companies.

List of defaulters RAI

The RAI defaulter list is the acronym that refers to the Registry of Unpaid Acceptances. The RAI contains all the information related to defaults of more than 鈧 300.51 by legal persons, that is, companies. Currently, the RAI delinquent list is managed by the Experian Credit Bureau. If you are a company and you need advice to get out of any list of defaulters, at TeichForum we provide services to both individuals and companies, get out of any list of defaulters in a professional way if you are a company.

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