11 best city building games for PC of 2021 ranked

Giants, Valkyries and threats from the forests abound in the fantasy world of the Vikings of “Northgard”. From developer Shiro Games, “Northgard” presents players as the leaders of factions competing for control of Northgard, which they will gain through war, trade, exploration, or reputation.

A unique blend of great strategy games like “Civilization” and RTS games like “Starcraft”, “Northgard” offers a unique gaming experience in the market. RTS games are known for their hardcore multiplayer communities, where action per minute is closely tied to multiplayer prowess, but that is not the case in “Northgard”. As noted in the Rock Paper Shotgun review, the pace of play in “Northgard” is slow enough to have fun and learn, while still being stable enough to keep the player engaged.

By staying in tune with the best elements of RTS games, “Northgard” offers simple and satisfying war options. Likewise, the multiplayer aspects of “Northgard” keep the game fresh and full of new challenges, allowing it to trump the replayability of other single player experiences. “Northgard” also has no shortage of DLC, even three years after its release, and it’s the recipient of constant Balance updates.

  • Release date: March 7, 2018
  • Kind: City Builder, RTS
  • Game modes: single player, online multiplayer (up to 6)
  • Metacritic score: 80