A new plant for the production of building materials will appear in the Sverdlovsk region in 2023

Yekaterinburg, February 15. /Then 24/. The company Atomstroykompleks, one of the largest developers in the Sverdlovsk region, plans to open the production of twin blocks (a type of aerated concrete – editor’s note Then24) at a new factory near Sysert in 2023. The launch of the production is expected to affect the reduction in the cost of housing construction in the region, the company’s press office said on Tuesday.

Atomstroykompleks plans to enter the construction site of its new plant for the production of twin blocks in the spring. The company received planning permission yesterday. Construction will last approximately until October, after which installation and commissioning of equipment will begin. The first products of the future company should be received in the summer of 2023.

The press service of Then24 explained that the opening of production near Yekaterinburg will help reduce the logistics costs of developers and lead to the stabilization of the cost of housing in the market. The site is also developing in a cluster, so the company expects the emergence of an adjacent activity on its territory, which will bring additional jobs to the inhabitants – the workforce of the company will be 60 to 70 employees. The plant for the production of twin blocks has received the status of a priority investment project in the Sverdlovsk region.

Production will be carried out under the Teplit brand, which is one of the five largest producers of autoclaved concrete in Russia. The company already has two workshops for the production of twin blocks under this brand. “The factory will be built ‘from scratch’, ‘in the open field’, we won’t have to cram the technology into the existing walls. This will make it possible to place the production capacities at 100% in an optimal and rational way. The area of ​​the third plant will be 9.5 thousand square meters, and the design capacity is 400,000 cubic meters of gas block per year. The volume of investments in the project will amount to 2.5 billion rubles. After that, Teplit will be able to increase the total production of the twin block to 1 million cubic meters per year,” said PSO “Teplit” Managing Director Boris Ovechkin.

About the situation in the building materials market

A sharp rise in prices for building materials in Russia began at the end of 2020 with an increase in the price of metal, and then other building resources. To solve this problem, it was proposed to transfer purchases of metal products by developers directly from manufacturers, outside the commercial link. In August 2021, the Russian government authorized an increase in the prices of government construction, reconstruction and overhaul contracts of up to 30% to compensate for the rising cost of construction materials.

Atomstroykompleks is one of the largest construction farms in the Ural region. For more than 26 years, the company has been creating the urban environment and living space: it builds residential buildings, schools, nurseries, hospitals, cultural facilities, restores historic buildings, develops urban public spaces , and improves parks and streets.