Archer’s building aid needs to be extended

Archer’s building aid needs to be extended

The belated government support for consumers affected by construction company bankruptcies is a good start, but needs to go much further to address the crisis facing the sector.

Shadow Building and Construction Minister Jen Butler said an investigation was still needed to ensure a comprehensive response, rather than a piecemeal approach.

“Labour welcomes the government’s announcement of a financial support package to help consumers affected by the failure of Hotondo Homes and Inside Out Constructions,” Ms Butler said.

“But this late announcement is far from sufficient to provide comprehensive protection for consumers and builders, or to future-proof our construction industry.

“Minister Elise Archer has spent months shutting down Labor calls for an inquiry into better protections for the building industry and landlords, after a flood of complaints from Tasmanians who in many cases have lost their savings.

“It is only now, after the collapse of Hotondo Homes and Inside Out Constructions, that Ms Archer has finally acted to provide financial support to consumers.

“While this is good news for those affected, it will do nothing to help Tasmanians who have already been stung by this government’s lack of protection.

“What is clearly needed is a broad investigation to consider how best to protect all industry players and ensure the system works fairly for everyone.

“Unions will continue to push for this crucial investigation so that we can create and sustain a robust, agile and fair industry.

Jen Butler, MP
Shadow Minister for Building and Construction