Architectural Materials Librarian, part time – New York, NY, US | Works

Building & Design Resources, a Boston-based team of material resource specialists serving architects and interior designers, is seeking someone for a part-time position (8-16 hours per week or bi-weekly) to working with an architecture firm in Brooklyn. Days/times are generally flexible; we are open to discuss options. The ideal skills are listed below in no particular order.

• Interested in learning more about building materials and interior design for commercial buildings – stay current with developing trends and new materials and technologies; ideally with a good initial knowledge base of building materials and interior fittings

• Meet regularly with materials representatives to ensure materials in the library are up-to-date and appropriate new materials are added, considering design aesthetics, cost, performance characteristics, and durability of the company; develop and maintain good relationships with representatives on behalf of the company

• Have good organizational skills and a basic understanding of the MasterFormat CSI to maintain materials in an organized and logical manner

• Consult with individual architects and designers to suggest materials to consider and to order samples as needed

• Have a strong interest in sustainability, with an ability to check materials for inclusion in the library against company criteria for acceptable materials (this interest and ability is first and foremost important!)

• Host monthly trade shows to showcase new materials to architects and interior designers (the day/time of this monthly event will require the Materials Librarian to be present to coordinate, learn and gauge staff interest)

Note: It is possible to add more architectural firms in New York in the future, which would suggest more days/hours – not guaranteed, but possible.

Please send your resume along with a statement explaining why you are interested in this position and a note about your flexibility to [email protected]

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