Banktivity 6 for Mac adds workspace, tags, quick reports, and more.

IGG software today ad the upcoming launch of Banktivity 6, the latest version of the popular personal finance app for Mac. The software, formerly known as iBank, has been redesigned for macOS Sierra and updated with several new features including workspace, tags, quick reports, search, and more.

Banktivity 6 presents Workspace, a new feature that allows customers to see any account, budget, report, or other view side by side. “For example, users can place transactions for an account next to a budget to see how recent spending is affecting the budget,” the company said.

Keywords have also been added, allowing individuals and small business owners to view and analyze their income and spending habits across categories. “Now when a person goes on vacation and spends money on restaurant meals, gasoline, plane tickets, and hotels, they can label all of those transactions as ‘vacation’,” said IGG.

A new Quick reports The feature allows users to select transactions and then quickly view a detailed report based on the selection. “For example, if a customer wondered how much money was donated to a specific charity last year, a quick report answers that question with just one click,” the company said.

Find is a new document-wide search feature that allows customers to search “almost any part of any transaction” within an entire Banktivity document.

The app sidebar has a new feature called Wallet which provides quick access to investment performance. Portfolio’s customizable view displays high-level information such as cost base, value, gain / loss, security price, and IRR, and clicking on a security brings up a full analysis of that investment.

Banktivity 6 features over 100 changes and enhancements including more flexible report grouping, new transaction editor with improved keyboard support, new reconciliation process, new summary view, improved transaction downloads, more flexible budgeting, easier navigation in the application, redesigned reports and more.

IGG said Banktivity 6 will be released in the spring for $ 64.99. Users who upgrade from Banktivity 5 will be entitled to an upgrade price of $ 29.99. Customers who purchased Banktivity 5 from the IGG Store between January 23 and the launch of Banktivity 6 will receive a free registration code to unlock the new version.

The app will sync with Banktivity for iPhone ($ 9.99) and Banktivity for iPad ($ 19.99).

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