Behind the “building blocks” of the Atlanta Blockchain Center, the city’s newest tech community center

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have taken over the internet these days. But they also appear in the physical world, including at a construction site near Old Ivy Road in Buckhead.

NFT renders fit perfectly in this location, the future home of the Atlanta Blockchain Center. The Centre, which is due to open in June, is a co-working decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), learning space and hub to connect blockchain related ideas in the city.

It’s not just buzzwords, founder marlon williams said Hypepotamus. The center seeks to bring together the growing Blockchain-related community and put Atlanta on the map for the development of crypto, Blockchain and Web3.0 technologies.

This might mean working with a founder to figure out which specific Blockchain to use for an upcoming project, helping another founder bring a new venture to market in the space, or grooming someone else to raise capital for a blockchain-related venture. Blockchain.

It’s also being built as a new kind of community center for Atlanta’s tech scene. “We deliberately chose a location that was close to Atlanta Tech Village, but had its own unique vibe. I didn’t want it to feel like a corporate facility,” Williams said when asked how the Center would interact. with the local tech community.

“We are not here to compete. We are here to collaborate,” he added. “We are happy to work with anyone who wants to explore Blockchain, whether they are investors, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts or students. We are open to everyone. »

Williams began his tech career as a software developer in medical transcription, but was an early enthusiast of Bitcoin, global Blockchain technology, and the community growing up in Miami. He is now a partner at Start-up capitalthe venture arm of Starter Labs, which supports the Center.

Creating such a center in Atlanta rather than Miami is a strategic decision for Williams and the team at Starter Capital. Williams believes Atlanta’s strong FinTech and corporate scenes make it ripe for Blockchain innovation.

The Center will also host the next BitAngels Atlanta chapter, an investor network with chapters in different cities.

For Williams, the Center could play a role in creating even more use cases for Blockchain.

“When people hear Blockchain, they just hear bitcoin and cryptocurrency and NFT now…but before Blockchain was developed, there was no way I could send you a document and not own it anymore. In the information age, everything was really just a copy. Now we can transfer value over the internet…and use Blockchain to cut out the middleman in many industries.

The Atlanta Blockchain Center will have its ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 13.