Builders’ Merchants News – Ukraine’s ‘BMF’ Reveals Latest Building Materials Situation

Earlier this week, BMF called on its members and their customers to raise funds to support those affected by war in Ukraine.

The head of the Federation’s equivalent of Builders’ Merchants in Ukraine provided an update on how the building materials market is affected following the Russian invasion.

Konstantin Salli, who heads the equivalent of the Builders Merchants Federation in Ukraine, one of the 16 countries represented by UFEMAT – the European Federation of Building Materials Distributors.

Salli was responding to a personal request from John Newcomb, CEO of BMF, for more details, to which Salli responded despite “connection difficulties”.

Salli said: “I am in Kiew and I continue, as far as possible, to manage our construction industry.

“After the Russian aggression began on February 24-25, all reconstruction, construction, development, renovation stopped, and our country stopped building highways.

“All concrete product manufacturers have made a large number of concrete blocks for free to protect cities and towns.

“Sand Acquirers also brought many pockets of sand to protect people and cities, and Metalsmiths made large numbers of Metal Hedgehogs to protect against panzers.

“Unfortunately, our branch was not ready for such an ‘event’, and now we are facing bankruptcy,” he said.

Salli also said that the current damage to transport infrastructure amounts to around 120 billion dollars and that around 30 million square meters have been destroyed by the occupants, “but this number is increasing every day”.

“Our manufacturers will need government help to renew the work of the factories because some of them have been destroyed,” Salli concluded.

Earlier this week, the BMF called on its members and their clients to raise funds to support those affected by the war in Ukraine.

The trade body has created a dedicated appeal page on its website, which includes a link to the donation site. The total amount for yesterday (March 15) was £19,000.

Funds raised through the UK appeal will go to the Disasters Emergency Committee, which works with the UK’s 15 main aid charities to deliver and deliver aid.

Newcomb said: “In addition to emergency aid, warm clothing, such as thermal and insulated workwear, is urgently needed.

“Our members play a key role in the community and the unique nature of their work, and their stock of equipment such as work clothes, puts them in a good position to help get much needed supplies to Ukraine and us. We will work with them to orchestrate a national response and get supplies to those in need as quickly as possible. »

“In the meantime, we are focused on fundraising through our appeal pages in the UK and across Europe.

“The building materials industry is known for its generosity in supporting those in need.

If you are able to donate, please do so at