Building Tribunal disappeared for 6 years.

Unauthorized structures abound in every corner of the city, but action from one part of the GHMC is lacking, despite the buzz around the revamping of the enforcement side by forming task forces at the zonal level.

The Telangana Municipal Construction Court, whose explicit purpose is to deal with all matters of planning, enforcement and construction, has disappeared for six years due to the vacancy of the posts of chairman and member.

The tribunal was constituted by an amendment to the GHMC Act passed by the state Legislature in 2016. Rules for the tribunal were developed the following year. However, the appointment of the chairman and the eight members has not taken place so far.

Repeated calls to fill the positions, by civil society organizations such as the Forum for Good Governance (FGG), have fallen on deaf ears.

The FGG made a further appeal to Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan on Thursday, asking him to intervene and give instructions to the Chief Secretary to take the necessary steps for the appointment of the president and members of the tribunal.

The Forum noted that unauthorized constructions seriously affect the planned development of cities and cause problems for people. Whenever notices are issued to offenders, they go to court and get stay/injunctive orders to stay any further action.

After getting a favorable stay, they proceed with the construction and complete it, which causes serious problems for the citizens, the forum said.

Buildings are also sold, creating problems for buyers.

Such unplanned growth places severe strain on municipal authorities in the provision of amenities such as roads, drinking water, sewer connections and waste disposal, the letter to the governor notes.

Most of these structures are regularized at a later date, leaving people to suffer the consequences of uncontrolled growth.

Rule 27(b) of the Building Rules 2012 empowers the state government to establish a planning and building tribunal, and the High Court in its 2015 order ordered the government to do so , following which the government amended the GHMC Act for the tribunal.

Despite repeated representations, the common response from the Department of Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA&UD) is that the matter is being actively considered by the government, the FGG said in its appeal, asking the governor to pass the orders.