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Several residents attended the Sussex County Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on May 13 to let Commissioners know they are concerned about the lack of planned development at The Vines of Sandhill, a community of 393 lots single-family homes between Milton and Georgetown.

Amenities – including a 9,900-square-foot clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis courts and pétanque court – were to be completed within two years of the first building permit being issued. The subdivision was approved in 2008, but the first building permit was not issued until 2017.

Developer Anthony Sposato requests that the layout plan match the approved stage plan, which requires amenities to be built no later than 136e the certificate of occupancy is issued and construction is expected to begin in fall 2021. The stage plan was approved when the project was granted a six-month extension to begin construction.

So far 74 houses have been built in the community along Huff Road. “Seventy-four is not a large number to support a clubhouse and pool with HOA dues. 30 to 60 other houses would contribute. You might want to consider this, ”Commissioner Bruce Mears told residents. “But people want what they pay for.”

“People have waited a long time, so we have to start as soon as possible,” said Commissioner Holy Wingate.

Commission Chairman Bob Wheatley said the housing market is strong and more permits will be issued. “I think the public would prefer a deadline relative to the number of permits. They want to know a fixed date, ”he said.

County staff said 27 new building permits have been issued so far in the past two years.

After lengthy discussions, on a motion by Commissioner Kim Hoey Stevenson, the commission voted 4-1 to allow the developer to begin construction of the amenities within six months with completion within 18 months (November 2022) or by l ‘issue of 136e building permit. Mears voted against the time extension.

Wheatley said during the review of the subdivision, the developer usually offers a building permit number when equipment is due for completion. “Most of the time, we accept their numbers,” he says.

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The day – Build a tree house https://teichforum.org/the-day-build-a-tree-house/ https://teichforum.org/the-day-build-a-tree-house/#respond Fri, 21 May 2021 04:23:19 +0000 https://teichforum.org/the-day-build-a-tree-house/

A tree house in the courtyard provides children with some privacy while being a short distance from the main house and under adult supervision. It also provides an outdoor space to cultivate their imagination and enjoy nature. More, Zillow Search has shown that treehouse homes sell faster and at a higher price than those without. A research study determined that “the item with the highest price premium is the ‘tree house’, which helped sell a home 2.2% more than expected.” The report continues: “The feature with the highest price premium is the ‘tree house’, which helped sell a house 2.2% more than expected.” The report, however, continues to say that adding a treehouse will not guarantee these results, but if a treehouse already exists, it should be featured as a feature in the property description.

In addition to the potential benefits of a backyard treehouse, however, there are safety concerns to consider before, during, and after construction of the treehouse. Homeowners could be held responsible if a visiting child is injured in or near the treehouse, so learn what your landlord’s policy will or won’t cover. Also contact the local town hall to find out if a permit is required and if there are any regulations and building codes relating to tree houses. If the treehouse is designed with too many modern conveniences, such as integrated utilities, it can be viewed as a permanent dwelling rather than a temporary backyard structure and regulated as such.

Involving the family in the construction phase of the project teaches them how to work safely with tools, materials and with each other. Adult supervision must be provided at all times until the treehouse is completed. After the treehouse is complete and ready to enjoy it, children should be given safety rules to avoid unnecessary injury. According to an article on treehouse safety nationwidechildrens.org, “Almost 2,800 children are treated each year in emergency services for tree house injuries.” The article goes on to say that most of these injuries occur when children jump or fall from the treehouse.

Consider consulting with an arborist before choosing a location for a treehouse to make sure the tree is healthy and able to support the weight of the intended structure. The arborist can help determine the size and style of the treehouse that is right for the tree or find a tree or trees to support the design. The weight of the tree house can be supported by more than one tree in a fairly wooded area or distributed among a few large branches of a large, sturdy tree. There may be some tree species that are better suited to support a treehouse and others that are not. An arborist will also know how wind and other weather conditions can affect a tree that supports the weight and bulk of a tree house. However, if it is determined that the backyard does not have a suitable tree for a treehouse, there are other alternatives.

An alternative is to build a freestanding playhouse that looks like a treehouse in the back yard on a raised platform. However, a freestanding playhouse can also be an option even if there is a suitable tree, but the idea of ​​risking damaging or destroying it by attaching a structure to it is not appealing. This type of treehouse can be built among the trees rather than attached to one. The construction and use of the structure will always be done under the trees without endangering the health of the tree.

A treehouse can be a simple wooden structure built from waste wood or reused pallets into a custom-designed luxury dwelling like the ones featured on the TV show. Masters of the treehouse. However, budget and DIY skills should be determined before deciding on what type of treehouse to build. Of course, contractors can be hired to help with design, cost estimates, and construction if a DIY project is not possible or desired.

Another treehouse-like structure that doesn’t require trees but does require a bit of space is a raised fort / playground combination which is available as a kit. These kits can be as basic or as elaborate as you want and include monkey bars, wooden ‘rock’ wall, picnic table, slide, row of swings, balcony, and crow’s nest. . An additional sandbox and a children’s pool will create a wonderland of fun and activities for the kids. The kits require assembly which can also be a teaching opportunity with the use of the following instructions and use of the tools.

Treehouse plans can be purchased or found online for free if the design is too much of a project, but assembling a kit is too little. Searching the web for free treehouse plans will provide many options to choose from. Before choosing a plan, consider how much materials and tools will be needed and how much it will cost to complete the job.

No matter what type of treehouse that is built, a treehouse will provide the opportunity to enjoy the backyard and a private area for the kids.

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Athol Daily News – Zone not exempt from soaring timber prices https://teichforum.org/athol-daily-news-zone-not-exempt-from-soaring-timber-prices/ https://teichforum.org/athol-daily-news-zone-not-exempt-from-soaring-timber-prices/#respond Thu, 20 May 2021 17:42:54 +0000 https://teichforum.org/athol-daily-news-zone-not-exempt-from-soaring-timber-prices/

Douglas Hamshaw has been in the lumber business since 1967. Mark Penfield built his first garage in Greenfield with his brother when he was 12 years old. And Evan Jones is the ninth generation owner of Cowls Building Supply in Amherst. But these three men say they have never seen anything like what has happened in their industry since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The cost of lumber has skyrocketed, with prices doubling or tripling from a year ago. National experts attribute the spike to a variety of factors, including the shutdown of production, catastrophic weather conditions in parts of the country and more people building or remodeling structures while stuck at home during the health crisis. public.

On Wednesday morning, Penfield said a 2x4x8 costs $ 8.76, having “been $ 3 for years.” He explained that the price of ½-inch plywood has tripled to $ 60 and that a ¾-inch AdvanTech tongue-and-groove subfloor sheet has increased to $ 78 per sheet from $ 30 per sheet previously. $ 35.

Penfield, whose father founded RG Penfield & Sons Inc. in Greenfield in 1970, mentioned other factors, including the February ice storm that swept through Texas, as well as continued unemployment benefits.

“A lot of people don’t want to go back to work,” he said, although this has been refuted by some economists. “So it’s a domino effect.”

Penfield also said interest rates were low, with people able to get a 15-year loan at 2.6% interest to complete a project, which increased demand for lumber.

Jones said the price of virtually all building materials is rising more than normal, although lumber and structural plywood are the hardest hit and hardest to acquire.

“It was a hell of a trick,” he said. “Historically, the lumber market hasn’t seen a steady rise in prices for over 30 years, so we were late for something like that.”

Jones said he hasn’t had many suspended or scaled-down projects during the pandemic, but the most negative effect has been the added level of stress placed on his team. He said a “perfect storm of events” has included wildfires in parts of the country and a spillover effect in the supply chain after the flow from the Suez Canal into Egypt – one of the busiest trade routes in the world – was blocked by Panama. Japan-owned Ever Given container ship for six days in March.

Additionally, Jones said demand is on the rise because people have been given stimulus money.

“The bottom line is our free market system and the laws of supply and demand are in full force,” he said. “The economy is strong, interest rates are low, and many people think now is the perfect time to build or renovate, add a patio or install a swimming pool.”

Although Business Insider said on Wednesday that lumber prices fell for the eighth day in a row, Reuters reported single-family home construction rates in the United States fell more than expected in April.

These costs frustrate Americans like Richard DiGeorge, a resident of Bernardston. DiGeorge said he was excited to build a tool shed on his property until he found out about the “sky-high” price of lumber. He said he was told the rise was caused by the pandemic, but he believes corporate greed is also a factor, comparing timber to the oil industry.

“It really irritates me what’s going on in our country. Greed is going to kill this country, ”said DiGeorge, whose son and grandson work as carpenters. “There must be checks and balances.

Douglas Hamshaw, who owns the Hamshaw Lumber & Ace Hardware sites in Keene, NH and Orange, said any increase in profits goes almost exclusively to sawmills – forest land owners, loggers, carriers, retailers and builders.

“The demand is greater than the supply,” he said. “It has been insatiable.”

Hamshaw said wood consumption fell sharply in the first weeks of the pandemic and factories responded by laying off crews and cutting production only to learn soon that demand would explode. Producers have been catching up for a year and there is no end in sight, he said.

“There is nothing in the next few months that would indicate that we are going to see a drop in prices,” added Hamshaw.

Contact Domenic Poli at: dpoli@recorder.com or 413-772-0261, ext. 262.

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Converse Mill Lofts project begins conversion into apartments https://teichforum.org/converse-mill-lofts-project-begins-conversion-into-apartments/ https://teichforum.org/converse-mill-lofts-project-begins-conversion-into-apartments/#respond Thu, 20 May 2021 10:01:28 +0000 https://teichforum.org/converse-mill-lofts-project-begins-conversion-into-apartments/

Almost 50 years after the shutdown of operations at the old Converse Mill along the Pacolet River, the site is being converted into 173 loft apartments.

The project has been underway for several years but has experienced some delays. Developer Britt Weaver said the $ 50 million project is expected to be completed by December 2022.

“The deal was ready to go in 2019 and was approved by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) when the general contractor pulled out. So we had to start all over again,” Weaver said. “It was difficult and expensive, but we did it.”

A wire fence is installed around the property and construction trailers are installed on the site.

When developers announced the project in May 2017, it was due for completion by the end of 2018 or early 2019. The project, called Converse Mill Lofts, on Highway 29 received state revenue and historic tax credits.

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Wingspan Development and BCDC begin construction of 34-acre multi-family community in Milwaukee Market https://teichforum.org/wingspan-development-and-bcdc-begin-construction-of-34-acre-multi-family-community-in-milwaukee-market/ https://teichforum.org/wingspan-development-and-bcdc-begin-construction-of-34-acre-multi-family-community-in-milwaukee-market/#respond Thu, 20 May 2021 09:21:42 +0000 https://teichforum.org/wingspan-development-and-bcdc-begin-construction-of-34-acre-multi-family-community-in-milwaukee-market/

Large development group and Batson-Cook Development Corporation (BCDC) broke new ground on Hub13, a 34-acre garden-style multi-family community located at 7581 S. 13th St. in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

The joint venture partnership provides 300 apartments in nine two- and three-story residential buildings. Hub13 will feature resort-style amenities and border an 11.2-acre nature reserve with wetlands.

The studios, one, two and three bedroom units in the community will feature high-end finishes, including wood-style wood floors in the living areas, luxury cabinets, stainless steel appliances and countertops. quartz.

Facilities at Hub13 will include a 24-hour fitness center and yoga studio, a community clubhouse with lounge, swimming pool and outdoor fireplace, and a Zen garden adjacent to the surrounding nature reserve. Residents will also have access to an off-leash dog park, pet spa, coworking offices, wine cellar, outdoor grill centers, horseshoe and bag pitches, a system concierge desk and a view of the nature reserve. State-of-the-art construction technology and security system will allow residents to use their mobile phones to access their units and amenity spaces.

The community is located north of the Drexel Avenue interchange of Interstate 94 along South 13th Street, just 9 miles south of downtown Milwaukee and 1 mile from downtown Oak Creek, which home to many shops and restaurants, including three grocery stores.

A commercial development known as Highgate is currently under construction immediately south of Hub13, which will create a sense of mixed-use urban development between the two projects.

First Merchants Bank finances Hub13, while JLA Architects is the architect, Ayres Associates is the civil engineer, and Nicholas & Associates is the general contractor.

Hub13 is expected to deliver its first units by the end of 2021.

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Portsmouth NH Memorial Prescott Park with the Charles Hovey sign 1885-1911 https://teichforum.org/portsmouth-nh-memorial-prescott-park-with-the-charles-hovey-sign-1885-1911/ https://teichforum.org/portsmouth-nh-memorial-prescott-park-with-the-charles-hovey-sign-1885-1911/#respond Thu, 20 May 2021 09:05:20 +0000 https://teichforum.org/portsmouth-nh-memorial-prescott-park-with-the-charles-hovey-sign-1885-1911/

J. Dennis Robinson

It is sometimes hard to remember that Memorial Day is a holiday set aside, not for hot dogs and owls, but a day to reflect on the Americans in the military who made the “ultimate sacrifice” in defense of the United States. nation. Since the late 1800s, the place of such sightings in Portsmouth has been the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at Goodwin Park on Islington Street. Saved from collapse on itself, the beautifully restored park is the perfect place to visit.

Technically, the Bronze Man on the Bronze Horse in Haven Park on Pleasant Street does not qualify for Memorial Day. Born in Portsmouth in 1822, Fitz-John Porter served as a Union Army general during the Civil War, but was later summoned to court in a lawsuit launched by his political opponents. It took Porter 25 years to clear his name, so he did not die in the service of his country.

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NYC Building rooftop infinity pool comes with skyline views – and hefty price tag – NBC New York https://teichforum.org/nyc-building-rooftop-infinity-pool-comes-with-skyline-views-and-hefty-price-tag-nbc-new-york/ https://teichforum.org/nyc-building-rooftop-infinity-pool-comes-with-skyline-views-and-hefty-price-tag-nbc-new-york/#respond Thu, 20 May 2021 08:34:06 +0000 https://teichforum.org/nyc-building-rooftop-infinity-pool-comes-with-skyline-views-and-hefty-price-tag-nbc-new-york/

The infinity pool that sits atop Brooklyn’s tallest residential building is not large and not deep enough for snorkeling. But it’s definitely high – 68 stories, to be exact.

The Brooklyn Point developers boast that the infinity pool is the tallest of its kind in the Western Hemisphere, 680 feet above the ground.

“The opportunity to put in an infinity pool that not only gives a view of the Manhattan skyline but all the way to 59th Street Bridge was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up,” said Brooklyn Point Sales Manager Cory Walter.

But amenities and views like what they are able to offer don’t come cheap: studios in the newly built tower start at $ 900,000, but there’s a 25-year tax break. There are over 400 units in the building and occupancy started in fall 2020.

Developers won’t say how many homes they have sold so far, but they are confident in what other agents describe and report as a growing real estate market in Brooklyn, despite the pandemic.

“When we were in the throes of COVID, we saw a demand for outdoor spaces, extensions of everyone’s house,” Walter said. “And we expect this to continue.”

The pool will open in the coming weeks for residents, just in time for the hot summer months. Let’s just hope no one is splashing too hard, otherwise it’s watch below.

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500 apartments approved for the JCPenney site of Virginia Center Commons https://teichforum.org/500-apartments-approved-for-the-jcpenney-site-of-virginia-center-commons/ https://teichforum.org/500-apartments-approved-for-the-jcpenney-site-of-virginia-center-commons/#respond Thu, 20 May 2021 06:36:35 +0000 https://teichforum.org/500-apartments-approved-for-the-jcpenney-site-of-virginia-center-commons/

A rendering of the apartments offered at the Virginia Center Commons. (Courtesy of Poole & Poole Architecture)

Another piece of the puzzle of the planned Virginia Center Commons redevelopment has been put in place, with hundreds of apartments replacing one of the old mall’s flagship department stores.

Henrico supervisors have approved plans for as many as 500 apartments to be built on the site of the recently closed JCPenney store, which developers Rebkee Co. and Shamin Hotels added to their assembly of properties earlier this year.

The apartments would occupy four buildings that would stand on the 7-acre plot that currently houses the store and parking lot. Examples of elevations included with the plans show that the new buildings would rise four stories.

The apartments would occupy four four-storey buildings. (Courtesy of Henrico County)

Sixty percent of the units would be studios and one bedroom, while 40% would be two and three bedroom floor plans. The plans do not detail the square footage of the units or the rental ranges.

In an interview in January, after Rebkee and Shamin bought the JCPenney property for $ 3 million, Rebkee principal Rob Hargett said he would like to see the overall development include up to 300 income-based units. , including for households earning less than 80% of the region’s median income.

In addition to apartments, VCC’s plans call for a mix of residential and retail businesses, including townhouses. An initial lot of 75 Stanley Martin Homes townhouses is in the works for a 5-acre site between the mall and Brook Road, with plans for three-story units priced at $ 200,000.

Sample of apartment elevations. (Courtesy of Poole & Poole Architecture)

After several months of planning, including a cart with the county, Rebkee and Shamin began razing parts of the 30-year-old mall in January. They started with the old Macy’s store at its east end. The separately owned JCPenney store remained open for several months after their purchase.

A Shamin hotel is also planned on the site, as well as a sports center and indoor convening for Henrico. The individual components are designed to form an urban-style mixed-use village, with the structure of the mall’s food court integrated as the central open-air gathering area.

Apartment buildings would be designed as a complex comprising collective facilities. Renderings with the plans show a swimming pool and courtyard with various outdoor gathering areas.

A render shows apartment buildings versus planned townhouses on the left and the arena on the right. (Courtesy of Henrico County)

Poole & Poole Architecture designed the apartments and engineering firm Koontz Bryant Johnson Williams drew up the site plans. Downtown Hirschler law firm represented Rebkee and Shamin in their rezoning and interim use permit applications, which county supervisors approved at their meeting last week.

Meanwhile, plans have yet to be filed for another JCPenney store slated for redevelopment elsewhere in Henrico.

Rebkee, who is also redeveloping the former Regency Mall in Henrico with Thalhimer Realty Partners, has yet to say what they plan for the location, which the companies bought for $ 3.1 million at the end of the year. ‘last year.

This store closed as part of the retailer’s bankruptcy restructuring in response to the pandemic and the package is also expected to be included in the redevelopment of this mall, which includes apartments under construction on the site of the former Sears. An indoor trampoline park and NOVA Aquatics facility are planned for parts of the old Regency’s Macy buildings.

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Are NJ County Colleges to Get Dormitories? https://teichforum.org/are-nj-county-colleges-to-get-dormitories/ https://teichforum.org/are-nj-county-colleges-to-get-dormitories/#respond Thu, 20 May 2021 04:13:39 +0000 https://teichforum.org/are-nj-county-colleges-to-get-dormitories/

Credit: (Matt Nazario-Miller from Flickr; CC BY 2.0)

For decades, New Jersey County’s 18 colleges have been known primarily as places where high school graduates and adults looking for new skills could get a reasonably priced education in the liberal arts, sciences or studies. technical courses near them.

Some schools are now looking to go beyond their regions by adding housing, which gives their students some of the atmosphere that comes with those living on campus in four-year colleges.

Legislation that would allow county colleges to add housing passed its first legislative hurdle earlier this month when the Assembly’s Higher Education Committee approved A-246, which would allow community colleges to build, operate and maintain dormitories for students. The bill is due to be voted on by the plenary assembly on Thursday.

LILY: NJ community colleges balk at slashing Murphy’s budget

LOOK: Eligible students can attend community college tuition-free

The hearing on the bill was strange, none of the sponsors of the bill, nor anyone else, testified for or against the bill. MP DiAnne Gove (R-Ocean) asked if any members knew “why are we doing this right now”. Committee chair Mila Jasey (D-Essex) responded, “Actually, I don’t have any information on this.” Still, there was a quick call for a vote, which was approved 5-0, with Gove abstaining because she said she wanted more information. The hearing lasted less than two minutes.

MP Wayne DeAngelo (D-Mercer) later said he introduced the bill at the behest of Mercer County Community College. He said the school has unique programs, including its culinary and aviation programs, which attract students from other countries and even out of state, as well as a “large number of international students. “.

Mercer County Community College

“(The college) has to find accommodation for them or they have to find their own accommodation,” he said. Before the coronavirus pandemic, many lived at Rider University in Lawrenceville. Mercer Community is in West Windsor. “Mercer County to Rider is probably a six to eight mile drive, but again, you’re in another town, you’re in the dormitory of another private school.

The New Jersey County Board of Colleges did not call for the legislation. At least two other colleges, Middlesex County and Raritan Valley, are also interested in possibly adding dormitories.

About 18 months ago, Raritan Valley, a college in Branchburg that serves approximately 7,800 students from Hunterdon and Somerset counties, began exploring the possibility of adding housing to the campus.

“As part of the College’s strategic vision, we are exploring the feasibility of providing student housing on campus,” said Michael J. McDonough, President of Raritan Valley Community College. “We hired a financial advisor to determine the economic viability of building housing on campus. Student accommodation at RVCC has a number of potential benefits for students, including providing a comprehensive college experience, increasing enrollment, improving retention and completion rates, combating housing insecurity and the expansion of sports programs on campus. Since the start of the pandemic, however, the project has been put on hold. “

Mark McCormick, president of Middlesex County Community College, said the school “will consider the potential for student residences on campus as part of the development of its new master plan.

Who is behind the legislation?

DeAngelo and the bill’s other main sponsors, Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin (D-Middlesex) and MP Eliana Pintor Marin (D-Essex), said in a statement on the progress of the bill that county college dormitories would make schools more attractive to students who live further afield and could “also help address the critical issue of growing student homelessness.”

A growing number of two-year community colleges across the country have built on-campus housing for students in recent years. Martha Parham, of the American Association of Community Colleges, said just over a quarter of these schools nationwide have dormitories.

“It appears that more and more colleges are trying to tackle food and housing insecurities,” she said.

No college in New Jersey County currently has on-campus housing. The 1962 law that allowed counties to create two-year schools is silent on dormitories. Under the law, county governing bodies could seek to establish a college after conducting a study, obtaining approval from the then State Higher Education Council and voters. The law described eligible schools as “offering educational programs, extending no more than 2 years beyond high school, which may include, but are not limited to, specialized or comprehensive study programs, including including college credit transfer courses, liberal arts terminal courses, and technical institute-type programs. Fifteen counties then established their own schools and three pairs of counties established joint colleges.

Community colleges still offer associated courses or degrees to students, most of whom live in the county, at a much lower cost than four-year public schools in New Jersey. For example, tuition and fees are currently $ 15,407 for the year at Rutgers University and $ 14,407 at Stockton University. The average tuition and annual fees at state county colleges are half that amount, and a student can earn a two-year associate’s degree for less than the cost of a single year in one. four-year school. Atlantic Cape Community College tuition and total fees for all but a few specialty degrees range from $ 10,875 to $ 12,594.

Other changes in colleges

While cutting costs, some have gone beyond that initial assignment in a number of ways in recent years, typically by partnering with four-year state colleges.

For example, six colleges in the county – Atlantic Cape, Brookdale, Camden, Mercer, Morris, and Raritan Valley – partnered with Rutgers so that a student could earn a four-year degree from Rutgers University while taking all of the courses. needed in county colleges. Rowan University has a similar program, which it calls 3 + 1, with its partner county colleges, which have changed their names to reflect the arrangement: Rowan College in Burlington (formerly Burlington County College) and Rowan College of South Jersey (formerly Cumberland and Gloucester County Colleges).

It is unclear how the addition of housing on campus might impact tuition and fees at the county colleges or how their construction would be funded. The bill simply amends the 1962 Act to give college boards “the power to set room and board charges sufficient for the operation, maintenance and rental of student accommodation and educational institutions. restoration”. Right now, county taxpayers are subsidizing some of the costs of their community colleges, but it is questionable whether county commissioners would ask taxpayers to pay tens of millions of dollars to build dormitories.

DeAngelo said it would be up to individual counties to make those decisions, but some options would be asking college foundations to raise money for construction or allow schools to enter into public-private partnerships, as some have done. state colleges, through which a developer builds. housing and collects rent and includes retail space that would be open to the public and provide additional income.

How much would it cost the students?

Students who choose to live on campus could end up paying more than double what they currently do for accommodation and board, which at state colleges currently ranges from around $ 12,000 at the University of Stockton at over $ 15,000 at Montclair State and New Jersey City universities.

DeAngelo said colleges should be given the option to decide whether to add dormitories and give students the choice of living on campus or commuting.

“We’re trying to shake off the stigma of grade 13 with community colleges, to make them a little more sustainable,” he said. “Everyone wants to be proud of where they’re going and I think that’s a start.”

LOOK: Newark seeks to dramatically increase percentage of college graduates by 2025

LILY: The Big Unknowns NJ Community Colleges Face

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Rooftop amenities popular with Kalea Bay residents https://teichforum.org/rooftop-amenities-popular-with-kalea-bay-residents/ https://teichforum.org/rooftop-amenities-popular-with-kalea-bay-residents/#respond Thu, 20 May 2021 04:01:25 +0000 https://teichforum.org/rooftop-amenities-popular-with-kalea-bay-residents/

The towers of Kalea Bay have rooftop amenities including an infinity pool with an expansive sun terrace.

Residents of Kalea Bay, the luxury high-rise community located on Vanderbilt Drive just north of Wiggins Pass Road in northern Naples, enjoy their building’s amenities from a whole different perspective than their neighbors. You could say – from a whole new level.

This is because the tower equipment is not located at ground level – but rather at sky level. To be more precise, they are located on the roof of the tower and it brings a whole new level of fun.

“These amenities include an infinity pool with an expansive sun terrace, an outdoor fitness center and a sky lounge with seating area and grill,” confirmed Inga Lodge, Kalea Bay vice president of sales and marketing. . “And with the glass railings lining the perimeter of the roof, our residents can take a dip in the early evening, work out on the exercise equipment, or enjoy their favorite cocktail while watching the sun touch the horizon, then slowly disappear under the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. “

Kalea Bay Tennis Center has 4 Har-Tru tennis courts and 8 pickleball courts.

Kalea Bay Tennis Center has 4 Har-Tru tennis courts and 8 pickleball courts.

The spectacular rooftop facilities are extremely popular with residents. This is also the case for other community amenities located in and around the beautiful Kalea Bay clubhouse.

The Kalea Bay clubhouse and surrounding amenities are located on the north side of the large lake at the entrance to the community. Amenities include three individual pools, including a resort pool, an adults-only pool, and a children’s pool, as well as an outdoor bar, fitness center, lakefront fire pit, gym games for children, a lounge for teenagers, an event lawn and several restaurants.

“Our restaurants serve amazing meals all day long,” Lodge noted. “The Driftwood Café offers more casual dining while the Salt and Oak Restaurant is designed for an elegant evening dining experience and includes, among other things, a private dining room, banquet hall and wine tasting room.

The current state-of-the-art fitness center includes stationary bikes, assorted weight machines, free weights, and a stretch zone.

Kalea Bay offers its residents indoor and outdoor dining options, including the formal Salt and Oak Restaurant.

Kalea Bay offers its residents indoor and outdoor dining options, including the formal Salt and Oak Restaurant.

Adjacent to the clubhouse is the tennis pavilion with four Har-Tru tennis courts, as well as eight pickleball courts. Overnight guest suites are also located near the clubhouse.

Soon another convenience will be available for residents to use, enjoy, and benefit from – a wellness center – which is expected to be completed in fall 2022.

Although a few residences remain in the third tower of Kalea Bay, the luxury skyscraper community’s sales effort is now focused on Tower 4. Like its three predecessors, the 22-story fourth tower offers 120 luxury residences. luxury and will include an infinity pool, outdoor fitness center and sky lounge on its rooftop.

Six floor plans are available in Tower 4, ranging from three bedrooms plus den / three and a half baths to four bedrooms / four and a half baths. Residences vary in size from 3,755 to 3,922 square feet in total.

The pre-construction price for Tower 4 starts at $ 1.7 million.

Residents of Kalea Bay can exercise daily while taking in the view of the Gulf of Mexico.

Residents of Kalea Bay can exercise daily while taking in the view of the Gulf of Mexico.

For more information on visiting the high rise community KaleaBay.com. ¦

Maintain social distancing in the sales center, located on Vanderbilt Drive, two-tenths of a mile north of Wiggins

Pass Road, appointments are required and can be made by calling (239) 793-0110. Models are also available on tour, but only by appointment.

The main amenity area of ​​Kalea Bay (bottom center) is located on the north side of the lake at the entrance to the community.

The main amenity area of ​​Kalea Bay (bottom center) is located on the north side of the lake at the entrance to the community.

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