Commercial Building Permit | In numbers

Fence/Roof/Siding, Lennick Bros. Roofing and Sheet, tear off and replace TPO, 30 sq. ft., 3050 1st Ave S, CBRE 1st South LLC – $9,500

Fence/Roof/Siding, Infinity Home LLC, rip and replace siding with heavy duty plank 70 sq. ft., 42 Almadin Ln, Wanner Investments LLC – $130,000

Fence/roof/siding, Premier Service Pro LLC, siding and windows ripped out and replaced, 30 sq. ft., 18 windows, 3100 Rimrock Rd, Lifeway Church of Billings – $85,000

Fence/roof/siding, Finishing Touch Exteriors Inc, tear off and replace 5/12 pitch steel roof, 123 sq, 1525 54th ST W, The City of Billings – $312,761

Fence/roof/siding, Reroof America Contractors, roofing, tear out and replace with Owens coming singles 6/12 195.37, 912 Wicks Ln, Corp of Pres Bishop of Church – $55,000

Fence/Roof/Siding, Lennick Bros. Roofing and Sheet, rip and replace with flat roof 60 mil tpo 30 m², 150 Calhoun Ln, RCP LLC – $10,500

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Fence/roof/siding, Neumann Construction, tpo 25 sq, 315 S 24th ST W, Neumann, Gerald A & Ardis M – $15,000

Fence/roof/siding, Sprague Construction Roofing Division, tpo roof, 32sq 4/12 pitch, 2341 Broadwater Ave, Stan-Fuhr Inc – $17,000

Fence/Roof/Siding, MDJ Construction LLC, Tear and Replace 30 Year Asphalt Shingles, 15 sq. ft., 2528 Grand Ave, Boggs, Justin Dale – $7,000

Fence/Roof/Siding, MDJ Construction LLC, rip and replace 30 year old asphalt shingles, 48 ​​sq. ft., 2526 Grand Ave, Boggs, Justin Dale – $22,000

New Hospital/Institutions, Hardy Construction co. new medical office building, shell only, in the ST V subdivision. 35,300 square foot footprint with 29,600 square foot upper floor, 602 Henry Chapple ST, PMB – $8,355,475

New Other, Lees Construction and Development LLC, Zimmerman Apartments 12 Plex, 1964 Home Valley Dr, Lee’s Development LLC – $1,560,000

New Townhouse Shell, McCall Development, shell only, 1686 ST George Blvd, McCall Development – $800,000

Addition, TW Clark Construction LLC, the project involves the construction of a loading dock embedded in the existing building on the property, 150 N 9th ST, Green Leaf Land and Livestock Co – $435,594

Addition, Jones Construction Inc, Addition and Exterior Renovation Type VB Construction (existing – no change), Group B Occupancy (existing – no change), 901 24th ST W, 1220 Central LLC – $275,000

Renovation, Stock Land Properties INC, interior renovation, 1934 Grand Ave, Stock, Michael D & Naughton, J – $200,000

Renovation, interior renovation/construction of existing commercial space contained within an existing shell building, 1027 Shiloh Crossing Blvd, Corning Companies – $487,904

Remodel, Bauer Construction, the interior remodeling of approximately 790 square feet of existing office space into 6 new examination rooms and a new nurse’s station and related MEP and fire suppression system adjustments, 1041 N 29th ST, SCL Health – $225,266

Remodel, remodel the facade of an existing Target building. Renovation will include addition of awning, new paint and signage, 403 Main ST, Target CORP T-1333, $10,000

Renovation, Americo Real Estate Construction, exterior facade/architectural facade modifications, non-structural updates to building exterior, 1515 Grand Ave, Americo Real Estate Company – $100,000

Renovation, drawings outline the construction of an additional office, telephone booth and storage area in an existing open plan office, 220 S 27th ST, Northern Plains Resource Council – $20,000

Remodel, 406 Disaster Response LLC, license renewed 07/22/22 RM cleaning and repairing car driving through commercial building. Work will include cleaning, demonstration, rebuilding, electrical, plumbing and window installation of the D-Bat batting cage, 300 S 24th ST W, Brandon Wood – $130,000

Remodel, EEC Inc, tenant upgrade of Unit B2 of an existing 11 Unit Chinook Warehouse Building B – Office/Warehouse. Construction type II-2, without sprinklers, non-separate occupancy; 1 story building 19,620 square feet. This is a tenant improvement project for one unit (unit B2) in building B of a 3 warehouse construction site, buildings A, B and C have all recently been approved for building permits. construction by the City of Billings and are either under construction or recently completed. … all work related to the site and building envelope is carried out under these permits. The B2 TI unit includes 1,400 square feet of warehouse space (S-1), 392 square feet of office space (B), and 540 square feet of mezzanine space (S-1). Documentation also includes Building B (Shell) COMcheck, for reference only, as this TI build does not affect the overall building envelope, 3475 AJ Way, Aviation Properties LLC – $68,000

Renovation, PJ Mills Construction, existing demo office area 2 walls at west end of plaza, 4 new walls built to create 5 additional offices, 3860 Avenue B, Carmelita Dominguez – $30,000

Demolition Permit, Cayton Excavation Inc, Demo * Montana Ave Road at South Billings Blvd to Landfill, 3 Broadwater Ave, Roman Catholic Bishop of Great – $70,000

Remodeling, cosmetic remodeling, replacing light fixtures with LEDs adding electricity for games. Addition of a bar and faucets from an existing chiller, 1225 Mullowney Ln, OED LLC – $127,500

Renovation, TW Clark Construction LLC, existing occupancy of groups R-2 and A-2 (no change) first floor renovation and fit-up of 5 new ones, 2520 1st Ave N, 1319 Ash LLC – $700,000

Renovation, Jones Construction Inc, 2,816 square feet of office space in an existing 9,482 square foot sprinklered shell commercial building, 1008 Shiloh Crossing Blvd, Doug Sperber – $115,400

New other, Lees Construction & Development LLC, construction of a new 12 unit apartment building, construction plan has already been submitted as a master plan. Reference Permit #BP-22-01775, 1985 Home Valley Drive, Lee’s Development LLC – $1,560,000

New other, Lees Construction & Development LLC, construction of a new 12 unit apartment building, construction plan has already been submitted as a master plan. Reference Permit #BP-22-01775, 3575 Spring Wheat Ln, Lee’s Development LLC – $1,560,000

New Townhouse Shell, Mccall Development, Shell, 1654 St George Blvd, Mccall Development – $1,359,089

Fence/Roofing/Siding, Sprague Construction Roofing Division, Tear and Replace 6/12 Asphalt Shingles No 29sq, 1321 N 27th St, Best Family Re LLC – $12,000