County newsroom director presents 3-year PAC and proposes November bond referendum

May 19, 2021

County Director Mark Schwartz has proposed a three-year, $ 1.25 billion Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) focused on meeting existing Arlington commitments, increasing infrastructure maintenance and the start of investments in long-term plans and programs.

The three-year proposal follows a one-year CIP that was adopted last summer following the COVID-19 pandemic. The county plans to revert to a traditional 10-year plan next year for fiscal years 2023 to 2032.

“In this PIC, we were able to make more investments than we anticipated at this time last year, but our county – and our residents – still face longer-term economic uncertainty and this plan was developed with that reality in mind, ”said Schwartz. “My proposal takes a more restrictive approach that will continue to accompany us throughout the next year of budget deliberations and economic recovery.”

The short-term ICP reflects immediate priorities, including replacing and renovating bridges, improving street safety through Vision Zero, community conservation, technological infrastructure, and metro funding.

CIP is also continuing to invest in the county’s stormwater infrastructure, with $ 95.9 million allocated to projects such as the Cardinal Elementary School stormwater retention center and the Spout Run watersheds. and Ballston Pond.

Several parks and public facilities projects are included in the CIP FY 2022-FY 2024, including:

  • Crystal City Parks and Public Spaces
  • Bluemont Park tennis complex
  • Phase two of the construction of Alcova Heights
  • Replacement of synthetic turf at Barcroft Park, Rocky Run Park, Wakefield High School and conversion of TJ Upper Field
  • Roof and HVAC replacement to focus on solar installation
  • Modernization of courts and the police complex
  • Arlington Boathouse Planning and Design

For the second year in a row, Schwartz has also put forward a proposed bond referendum, asking voters to consider funding many IPC projects when they go to the polls in November.

The $ 62.535 million referendums include $ 20.7 million for Metro, $ 17.5 million for paving, $ 2 million for neighborhood conservation and $ 9.73 million for courthouse renovations and improvements to courts and police buildings. The referendum proposal also includes $ 5 million for the renovation of the Bluemont Park tennis court complex and $ 800,000 for the planning of the Arlington Boathouse project.

Arlington Public Schools are also underway with their CIP process. The director of the APS proposed a three-year PIC and a referendum on bonds of $ 23 million for school kitchen renovations, entrance and security renovations, parking, and land in turf at the Heights building.

A joint working session with the County Board and the School Board will take place on June 9th. APS will adopt its CIP on June 24.

Despite financial constraints over the past 15 months, Arlington County has been able to pursue many important capital projects for the community – and many of them will take important steps this year. The Lubber Run Community Center and Long Bridge Aquatic and Fitness Center will open, construction is expected to be completed on Jennie Dean Park, and construction on Fire Hall 8 will begin.

Learn more about the Capital Improvement Plan

Timeline of the CIP process

May 18: County director proposes FY 2022 – FY 2024 PAC

June 9: Joint County APS CIP working session

May-July: County Council IPC Working Sessions

June 29: Public audience

Week of July 12: County council final markup

July 17: Adoption of the CIP FY 2022 – FY 2024 and November referendums

November 2: Consideration by voters of referendums on obligations

This press release was prepared by Arlington County Government. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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