Cult Of The Lamb: Building Materials Guide

To develop their worship, the Lamb will have to undertake construction projects. Here’s how to gather the necessary materials.

Worship of the Lamb is an adorable take on the horror roguelike. When our woolly little friend tires of cruising in the wild, he can relax in the cult headquarters with a bonfire, a tithing ritual, a glorious feast, or perhaps a good old-fashioned sacrifice. However, before the Lamb can enjoy all of this, he must undertake a few construction projects, which requires collecting the necessary materials.

Some of these building materials can be collected from dungeons, either as drops from enemy kills, gifts from NPCs, or rewards from certain rooms. Some special resources unlock certain locations or NPCs once the Lamb finds them, while others need to be refined and dedicated. Here is a guide to building materials in Worship of the Lamb.


Many of the items needed to complete buildings are less conventional crafting materials, such as flowers or cobwebs, and these items can only be found in certain locations. The Lamb will not encounter certain materials until it has enough followers to open higher crusade tiers.

Construction materials

There’s a wide variety of buildings the Lamb can use to make his complex more appealing, and an equally impressive list of materials he must collect to do so. Some materials are more durable and valuable than others, but they are more expensive, take longer to produce, and often require more complex buildings for refining and Consecration treat.

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Building materials that come from plants, aside from wood from trees, can be grown in the garden alongside vegetables provided the Lamb has acquired the seeds. They drop from Crusade Halls, but they can also be purchased from various shops and vendors.


  • Grass is one of the first resources the Lamb will encounter. It drops almost everywhere and the player will pick up a lot of it just by clearing brush. It is not only practical for the first recipes, but also used in farm plots and several types of decorations.
  • Camellia: This single red flower is bigger than it looks. The lamb will meet them for the first time in Darkwood and hopefully pick up some seeds from the plants they cut. They are not only used in building a Healing Bay, but it also costs a few flowers each time it is used to heal someone.
  • Menticidal Mushroom: The lamb will start finding mushrooms in the dark and rotten forest of Anura. These mushrooms are used for some decorations and a distant brainwashing ritual, as well as being a valuable commodity for some NPCs.

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metal and stone

  • Lumber is a simple resource that players find at the start of their crusade and is used for almost everything. It can be consecrated in Wood planks, which are used for more complex buildings at later stages.
  • Rock: Another cornerstone of worship life, the Consecrated version of this material is stone blocks. They are just as important as wood and wooden planks for building renovation.
  • Gold nuggets: gold coins and Gold ingots are produced from gold nuggets using the refinery. Gold bars are important for structures, including some required for quests or just to impress and intimidate followers.
  • Crystal Shards: Found in the Dark Corridors of Anchordeep, Crystal Shards are primarily decorative but are also needed for certain essential structures. The inhabitants of the Pilgrim’s Passage lighthouse finally need it for a quest.

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  • Poo is easy to find around the enclosure, which is one of the benefits of one of mankind’s oldest building materials. Reminiscent of a time when houses were made of turf and held together by dung, Poop is needed to create living structures for even the nicest cultists. Unlike other materials, Poop is not something players will find while crusading.
  • Bones: Although primarily used for temple rituals, with almost everyone requiring a bone offering of some kind, this material is also widely used in decorations and buildings. This resource starts dropping at the very beginning, and it’s the one players should pick up when they can.
  • spider silk will begin to appear after the Lamb has advanced far enough in his Crusade to visit the Cradle of Silk. It’s mostly used in decorations as opposed to essential buildings, but it can only be picked up during a crusade, so it’s worth collecting a few to store for later use.

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