Deadside Update 0.3.0: Improves Particle Effects, Reworks Base Building, and Adds a Workshop

Deadside recently received an update which added new features, changes and bug fixes.

Redesigned base building

This update introduced a whole new interface and new mechanics for base building. This was done to make building faster and more comfortable, especially if you have teammates helping you.

The main changes for base building are:

  • Open the new radial base module menu by pressing B or the hotkey you defined, then select the module by pressing the left mouse button.

  • During the installation of a basic module, the interface displays the tools and resources necessary for the construction of the building.

  • The character no longer needs to stay on the construction site to progress.

  • If you run out of materials, you can add more as you build.

  • If you change your mind and want to cancel the construction or just dismantle it, the game will refund you 50% of the resources spent.

Workbench and Steam Inventory

This update also introduced a workbench, a new base mod where players can apply camouflage to clothing. You will also receive two test skins upon login, which are:

Improved particle effects

The game becomes more realistic with the improved particle effects added in this update. Now more dust, sparks and blood will be visible from the bullets. There is also the most visible impact point of the bullets.

Deadside Update 0.3.0


Bug fixes

  • Fixed infinite stack of corner base walls

  • Fixed infinite stack of rounded base walls

  • Fixed respawn on base marker with no cooldown

  • Fixed an exploit to build a base underwater

  • Base modules can no longer be placed on towers

  • Fixed bullet and character collision with world blocker

  • Fixed Walkie Talkie reactions to fast moving NPCs

  • Fixed incorrect render distance of placed Explosive Charge.

You can read more about the update here.