Empower individuals by creating resources

United Way of Moffat County

We hear a common phrase about people living in poverty or daily instability: “Go and find a job”. It’s more complex than that. For example, when a person with children is working, he must find a daycare center. When living in a community with limited resources, childcare is more difficult to find, especially for people who live in daily instability. In turn, parents may depend on family, friends and / or acquaintances to watch over their children, which is not always reliable and can lead to job instability. Or, if they get a job, maybe they live on “the cliff”.

For example, Sarah is a single mother with two children. She got a promotion at work; in turn, she received a raise of $ 2 per hour. As a result of this promotion, she is no longer entitled to Medicaid or food stamps and must purchase private insurance. Private insurance costs $ 400 per month for medical, dental and vision care. She now earns less money per month than she earned before her promotion. Sarah is on “the cliff”; she can no longer support her family but earns too much money to subsidize her income with public assistance. Although getting a job is one aspect of overcoming daily instability, as a community we can offer additional resources to people who wish to move towards a more stable life.

As the Community Impact Coordinator at Moffat County United Way, I am honored to lead a course for families and those living in daily turmoil called “Getting Ahead in a Just-Getting-By World”. The participants and I investigate our lives and our community resources. For two years after graduation, I work with the graduates on self-created goals, while helping them find resources. I believe in the impact of empowerment. If we, as a community, work to uplift and empower each other, we can create a stronger community.

If you or someone you know is low income, lives in daily turmoil and ready to change, call 970-326-6222 to find out more. Getting Ahead is offered twice a year, in the spring and in the fall.

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