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Several residents attended the Sussex County Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on May 13 to let Commissioners know they are concerned about the lack of planned development at The Vines of Sandhill, a community of 393 lots single-family homes between Milton and Georgetown.

Amenities – including a 9,900-square-foot clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis courts and pétanque court – were to be completed within two years of the first building permit being issued. The subdivision was approved in 2008, but the first building permit was not issued until 2017.

Developer Anthony Sposato requests that the layout plan match the approved stage plan, which requires amenities to be built no later than 136e the certificate of occupancy is issued and construction is expected to begin in fall 2021. The stage plan was approved when the project was granted a six-month extension to begin construction.

So far 74 houses have been built in the community along Huff Road. “Seventy-four is not a large number to support a clubhouse and pool with HOA dues. 30 to 60 other houses would contribute. You might want to consider this, ”Commissioner Bruce Mears told residents. “But people want what they pay for.”

“People have waited a long time, so we have to start as soon as possible,” said Commissioner Holy Wingate.

Commission Chairman Bob Wheatley said the housing market is strong and more permits will be issued. “I think the public would prefer a deadline relative to the number of permits. They want to know a fixed date, ”he said.

County staff said 27 new building permits have been issued so far in the past two years.

After lengthy discussions, on a motion by Commissioner Kim Hoey Stevenson, the commission voted 4-1 to allow the developer to begin construction of the amenities within six months with completion within 18 months (November 2022) or by l ‘issue of 136e building permit. Mears voted against the time extension.

Wheatley said during the review of the subdivision, the developer usually offers a building permit number when equipment is due for completion. “Most of the time, we accept their numbers,” he says.

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Enjoy an urban oasis in Providence at Neutaconkanut Hill https://teichforum.org/enjoy-an-urban-oasis-in-providence-at-neutaconkanut-hill/ https://teichforum.org/enjoy-an-urban-oasis-in-providence-at-neutaconkanut-hill/#respond Fri, 21 May 2021 10:23:11 +0000 https://teichforum.org/enjoy-an-urban-oasis-in-providence-at-neutaconkanut-hill/

  • Parking: Public lot at 675, rue Plainfield
  • Dogs: allowed, but must be kept on a leash.
  • Map: on the information panel at the start of the trail.
  • Difficulty: Easy, with some rocky and steep paths.

PROVIDENCE – The reward for climbing to the top Neutaconkanut Hill is to rest on a granite bench in a quiet meadow while gazing at the skyline of downtown Providence, apparently within walking distance.

Sitting there, in the middle of an 88-acre park in one of the densest areas in town, it’s obvious you’re surrounded by trees, trails, streams, ledges, and some of the oldest stories of Providence.

The hill, inhabited for centuries by the Narragansetts, was the northwestern boundary of a 1636 land agreement between the sachems Canonicus and Miantonomi and Roger Williams, which founded the colony of Providence.

The Narragansetts called the land the Great Hill of Neutaconkanut (Nu-ta-kon-ka-nut), a name with many diverse translations, including “the house of the squirrels” or “where the rivers flow.”

Today, the city park created in 1892 is managed by the Neutaconkanut Hill Conservatory.

Downtown Providence is visible from the top of Neutaconkanut Hill, at 296 feet, the city's highest point.

Uptown, downtown

I parked in the public parking lot on Plainfield Street and for a few minutes watched the kids jump in the skate park next to a playground, swimming pool and recreation building.

Stone stairs on the way to the top of Neutaconkanut hill.

I walked north on a paved path that rounded a ballpark, then up the hillside on a long and at times steep winding cement path to a series of steps leading to a road. I passed three bird watchers with binoculars, a trail runner and a solo walker with a small dog.

A medallion inlaid in the sidewalk is engraved “Built By Works Progress Administration 1935-1938”. The federal program cut some trails and erected the streetcar station at the foot of the hill.

The Federal Works Progress Administration built some of the trails, a streetcar station, and a bandstand in the 1930s.

From the road I took a path to the right near the foundation of a WPA-built bandstand where Sunday afternoon concerts in the 1930s and 1940s drew thousands of people. The path leads to an open meadow surrounded by trees. There is also a semicircle of six granite benches. From the highest point in Providence (296 feet) you can see about 25% of the city and the tall buildings downtown.

A cove lined with stones carries water under a bridge and descends the hill.

I walked along the mowed field of Summit Ledge to a flat, orange-flamed trail that passes under oaks, hickory, birch, and maples along the western perimeter of the park. There are a few walks over low lying areas, then a bridge over a rock-lined canal that looks like it was built like an aqueduct to carry water from the top of the hill. I took a small western side spur to reach the backyards of Johnston’s houses before retracing my steps.

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Track of judgments, bankruptcies followed by a businessman accused of PPP fraud | Local News https://teichforum.org/track-of-judgments-bankruptcies-followed-by-a-businessman-accused-of-ppp-fraud-local-news/ https://teichforum.org/track-of-judgments-bankruptcies-followed-by-a-businessman-accused-of-ppp-fraud-local-news/#respond Fri, 21 May 2021 08:05:00 +0000 https://teichforum.org/track-of-judgments-bankruptcies-followed-by-a-businessman-accused-of-ppp-fraud-local-news/

BEVERLY – Felicia Carr laughed as she and her colleagues at Chelsea Morning Produce in Ipswich read the headlines about a North Shore man accused of fraudulently obtaining $ 661,000 in aid in the event of a coronavirus pandemic, then to use the money to buy an alpaca farm.

“From what I’ve read, I don’t think I’m going to get my money back now,” Carr said.

That money is the $ 6,036 judgment his company was convicted of in Salem District Court last year against Dana McIntyre.

McIntyre had bought food for his restaurant, Rasta Pasta Pizzeria in Beverly, at Chelsea Morning – but, according to the lawsuit, had not paid. The magistrate in the small claims session had also issued a type of civil warrant against McIntyre known as capias, giving Carr the right to have him arrested by a gendarme and bring him to justice.

But before she can do so, “COVID has struck,” Carr said.

According to court records, Carr is one of a long list of people who have tried in civil court McIntyre, who over the past 20 years has quit running home improvement companies and a company that has promised to install “rooftops.” greens ”- roofs covered in plants – When the pizzeria opened in 2016 at its most recent business, federal prosecutors for Alpaca Farm in Grafton, Vt., say he bought it on a loan fraudulently obtained payroll protection program.

In addition, state officials have fined McIntyre at least two for various violations of home improvement contractors’ regulations – including for presenting himself as a contractor without actually having a license.

Since the early 2000s, McIntyre’s activities have included home improvement, landscaping, chimney sweeping, a business that promotes the installation of plants on rooftops, and a porch business.

McIntyre, for a time in the early 2000s, also became president of the Salem Rotary Club, where he promoted the organization’s campaign to fund surgery for children born with a cleft palate and cleft lip in developing countries. He frequently sought advertisements in local newspapers, including The Salem News.

He later appeared on the “Chronicle” show to promote his “green roof” business. In recent years, he had bought paid airtime on WBOQ, a North Shore radio station, to promote cryptocurrency.

Behind his enthusiasm, however, there were problems.

Complaints, lawsuits

Two complaints filed with the state’s Office of Consumer and Business Regulation in 2015 relate to a conservatory business operated by McIntyre, which had multiple names, including Total Pro, Total Serv Pro, and Four Seasons Factory Direct Sunrooms or FS Sunrooms. , according to the files obtained. by The Salem News in connection with a public records request.

In one case, McIntyre was hired in 2012 by a woman who wanted to close a back gangway and add a veranda. The woman had paid nearly $ 20,000 for the project, most of which came from a loan from the state-administered mortgage modification program when, in 2014, he stopped working. The woman learned through her town’s home inspector that McIntyre did not have a license.

He was fined a total of $ 1,100 by the agency – after a hearing officer found that in some of the complaints against him, consumer protections did not apply because ‘he did not have a license.

Notice of this fine was sent to a Gloucester address, but was returned as undeliverable.

In a second complaint, a hearing officer fined McIntyre $ 5,000 for multiple violations in his work on what was ultimately supposed to be a $ 44,517 project. The owner had hired him to convert a three season porch into a four season room. After several modifications to the plan, work began. The owner said in her complaint to the state that after sending people to remove the porch’s existing windows and doors, work stopped and it became elusive. Her efforts to obtain reimbursement of the $ 18,741 she had paid him were unsuccessful.

The names and communities where the two owners live have been redacted from complaints provided by the state.

Some of those who hired McIntyre have gone to court to try to get their money back.

Among those who have judgments against McIntyre is a homeowner Wellesley who hired McIntyre’s company to replace the windows in his house. He found out that the wrong type of glass was used only after a piece of ice fell on it after a snowstorm. The owner had to pay someone else to replace all the windows. After the owner, who requested that his name not be used, obtained a court judgment against McIntyre, McIntyre filed for bankruptcy in 2016.

It was the second time he had filed for bankruptcy.

By that time, McIntyre had already moved into the restaurant business, filing for bankruptcy as an employee of Rasta Foods.

On Thursday, McIntyre’s lawyers and one of three landlords he rented from while running the business were in Lawrence Superior Court in a dispute over unpaid rent and the conditions of the location in the Cornerstone building on Cabot Street.

McIntyre’s attorney in this case, Jason Stelmack, declined to comment on this case and the prior cases after the hearing.

Pizzeria problems

Documents filed with the Secretary of State’s office show the company was incorporated as Dana McIntyre, a name he shares with one of his children. After its dissolution in 2019, according to an affidavit filed in the fraud case, McIntyre started another company called Marley’s Pizza Inc., using his son’s name. (During the process of applying for a PPP loan as well as assistance under another loan program, McIntyre created what prosecutors call bogus businesses on behalf of his children. The investigator believes his children were not aware of the use of their names Over here.)

Back in Ipswich, Carr says it was never entirely clear who owned the pizzeria. “He kept diving and dodging the owners of Rasta Pasta,” she says. It was “really hard” to get hold of McIntyre.

She said she also found it strange that he had moved several times, moving from the foot of Rue Rantoul to Rue Cabot, and then, in the midst of a legal dispute with the owner, moving again to a new location. further up Cabot Street.

McIntyre’s attorney in the federal fraud case, Boston defense attorney Brad Bailey, said he couldn’t resolve past business disputes involving McIntyre.

“I’m focusing on the issue I’m representing him on, which I’ll probably comment on at an appropriate time and place,” Bailey said in an email.

The new allegations, reported across the country with blurry images of alpacas, drew laughter – but also anger from some, as the PPP program ran out of funds before every company could get help. .

McIntyre was able to secure the loan through an online funding platform called Kabbage, which has recently come under scrutiny for being one of the biggest originators of PPP loans after Bank of America. A ProPublica report this week said many recent fraud cases brought by federal prosecutors involved loans made by Kabbage before it was acquired by American Express.

Carr said that as a small business owner, getting a small P3 loan for his business, which has 10 employees, was hard work. The fruit and vegetable seller qualified for $ 38,000, which helped her keep her truckers on the payroll when most of her customers were closing or drastically reducing their orders.

“We were really lucky,” she said. “We have good accountants. There is no way I could have done it on my own. You have to gather a lot of information very quickly. ”

The program quickly ran out of funds and a number of small business owners who qualified for loans were unable to obtain them.

McIntyre, meanwhile, claimed a payroll of $ 265,000 and 47 employees, allowing him to receive $ 661,000. Investigators say he never employed more than 10 people.

“I’m sure a ton of people missed the game,” Carr said.

Courts reporter Julie Manganis can be reached at 978-338-2521, by email at jmanganis@salemnews.com or on Twitter at @SNJulieManganis.


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The day – Build a tree house https://teichforum.org/the-day-build-a-tree-house/ https://teichforum.org/the-day-build-a-tree-house/#respond Fri, 21 May 2021 04:23:19 +0000 https://teichforum.org/the-day-build-a-tree-house/

A tree house in the courtyard provides children with some privacy while being a short distance from the main house and under adult supervision. It also provides an outdoor space to cultivate their imagination and enjoy nature. More, Zillow Search has shown that treehouse homes sell faster and at a higher price than those without. A research study determined that “the item with the highest price premium is the ‘tree house’, which helped sell a home 2.2% more than expected.” The report continues: “The feature with the highest price premium is the ‘tree house’, which helped sell a house 2.2% more than expected.” The report, however, continues to say that adding a treehouse will not guarantee these results, but if a treehouse already exists, it should be featured as a feature in the property description.

In addition to the potential benefits of a backyard treehouse, however, there are safety concerns to consider before, during, and after construction of the treehouse. Homeowners could be held responsible if a visiting child is injured in or near the treehouse, so learn what your landlord’s policy will or won’t cover. Also contact the local town hall to find out if a permit is required and if there are any regulations and building codes relating to tree houses. If the treehouse is designed with too many modern conveniences, such as integrated utilities, it can be viewed as a permanent dwelling rather than a temporary backyard structure and regulated as such.

Involving the family in the construction phase of the project teaches them how to work safely with tools, materials and with each other. Adult supervision must be provided at all times until the treehouse is completed. After the treehouse is complete and ready to enjoy it, children should be given safety rules to avoid unnecessary injury. According to an article on treehouse safety nationwidechildrens.org, “Almost 2,800 children are treated each year in emergency services for tree house injuries.” The article goes on to say that most of these injuries occur when children jump or fall from the treehouse.

Consider consulting with an arborist before choosing a location for a treehouse to make sure the tree is healthy and able to support the weight of the intended structure. The arborist can help determine the size and style of the treehouse that is right for the tree or find a tree or trees to support the design. The weight of the tree house can be supported by more than one tree in a fairly wooded area or distributed among a few large branches of a large, sturdy tree. There may be some tree species that are better suited to support a treehouse and others that are not. An arborist will also know how wind and other weather conditions can affect a tree that supports the weight and bulk of a tree house. However, if it is determined that the backyard does not have a suitable tree for a treehouse, there are other alternatives.

An alternative is to build a freestanding playhouse that looks like a treehouse in the back yard on a raised platform. However, a freestanding playhouse can also be an option even if there is a suitable tree, but the idea of ​​risking damaging or destroying it by attaching a structure to it is not appealing. This type of treehouse can be built among the trees rather than attached to one. The construction and use of the structure will always be done under the trees without endangering the health of the tree.

A treehouse can be a simple wooden structure built from waste wood or reused pallets into a custom-designed luxury dwelling like the ones featured on the TV show. Masters of the treehouse. However, budget and DIY skills should be determined before deciding on what type of treehouse to build. Of course, contractors can be hired to help with design, cost estimates, and construction if a DIY project is not possible or desired.

Another treehouse-like structure that doesn’t require trees but does require a bit of space is a raised fort / playground combination which is available as a kit. These kits can be as basic or as elaborate as you want and include monkey bars, wooden ‘rock’ wall, picnic table, slide, row of swings, balcony, and crow’s nest. . An additional sandbox and a children’s pool will create a wonderland of fun and activities for the kids. The kits require assembly which can also be a teaching opportunity with the use of the following instructions and use of the tools.

Treehouse plans can be purchased or found online for free if the design is too much of a project, but assembling a kit is too little. Searching the web for free treehouse plans will provide many options to choose from. Before choosing a plan, consider how much materials and tools will be needed and how much it will cost to complete the job.

No matter what type of treehouse that is built, a treehouse will provide the opportunity to enjoy the backyard and a private area for the kids.

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Humble ISD Reveals Preliminary Renderings of Reconstruction of North Belt Elementary, Humble High School Complex Detention Basin https://teichforum.org/humble-isd-reveals-preliminary-renderings-of-reconstruction-of-north-belt-elementary-humble-high-school-complex-detention-basin/ https://teichforum.org/humble-isd-reveals-preliminary-renderings-of-reconstruction-of-north-belt-elementary-humble-high-school-complex-detention-basin/#respond Fri, 21 May 2021 00:00:00 +0000 https://teichforum.org/humble-isd-reveals-preliminary-renderings-of-reconstruction-of-north-belt-elementary-humble-high-school-complex-detention-basin/

North Belt Elementary will be one of the first elementary schools rebuilt with the play-based learning design, which educators believe will lead to greater student participation. (Courtesy of Humble ISD)

At the Humble ISD school board meeting on May 11, PBK Architects presented the board with preliminary architectural renderings of the reconstruction of the North Belt Elementary School and the new detention pond at the Humble High School complex.

A game-based learning design

The district was able to add the rebuilding of North Belt Elementary to the District Bond Referendum of $ 575 million starting in 2018 due to unanticipated savings from sub-budget bond projects.

North Belt Elementary is located at 8105 North Belt Drive in Humble on 10.7 acres; the new $ 38 million school will be on 27 acres at the southeast corner of Old Humble and Bender roads.

Jeff Chapman, senior project manager for PBK, said his team focused on conserving most of the trees, creating a winding driveway, and designing forest-like features for the building, such as a green roof and stone accents. The campus will also include a virtual learning academy, where teachers can film educational programs for in-person and virtual learning.

“What we really wanted to achieve with this look is to really understand where this property is,” Chapman said.

Additionally, North Belt Elementary will be one of the first elementary schools in the district being rebuilt to feature a game-based learning concept, which includes interactive modules with different themes such as rainforest, marine life and the moon. HISD officials said they believe this game-based design, paired with natural lighting, will lead to higher student engagement.

Administrator Keith Lapeze said it would be interesting to measure whether the new building will have an effect on North Belt Elementary’s student body as students move from campus to campus.

“We’ll see old North Belt with this rickety old building – which we all know was so close to being in the Last Link – at this just amazing facility,” he says. “I would love to see the effect of that, and if there is a measurable effect, then it is a game changer.”

Centennial Elementary School, which opened in August, was also built with a similar design style. Here, Superintendent Elizabeth Fagen said discipline data is “fundamentally non-existent.” Fagen said the district should be able to measure the effect of designs on engagement and participation.

“I think we’re going to see a commitment; I think we’re going to see participation; I think we’re going to see improved scores in all arenas,” she said.

However, Lapeze said that since Centennial Elementary opened in August with its first group of students, the campus does not offer comparable data on the effect that game-based learning environments can have on the community. student engagement.

However, Lakeland Primary School is also being rebuilt with play-based learning and is slated to open in August. Elementary schools in Lakeland and North Belt might be good places to study this, Lapeze said.

“I think that could be valid data on which we can judge the environmental effect on learning,” he said.

Improvement of the retention basin at Humble

Meanwhile, PBK Architects also presented an option for the retention pond which will be located at the corner of Rustic Timbers Drive and Will Clayton Parkway in Humble.

The basin will serve the four schools at the intersection, including Humble High School, the $ 8.98 million Guy M. Sconzo Early College High School, Humble Middle School and Lakeland Elementary School.

Rather than turning it into a wet-bottom detention basin, district officials said they wanted to consider turning it into a wet-bottom detention basin. This means that it would largely appear to be a pond with features such as fountains, lights that can be changed to coordinate with different campus colors, a corner plaza to replace Turner Stadium’s current branding, and a walkway. pedestrian surrounding the pond.

Administrator Robert Sitton said the retention pond could also be used in creative and educational ways.

“What we looked at [the] construction and planning [committee], for example, is … transforming this into a great outdoor learning space, the pond could potentially become a fish hatchery for our agricultural departments, ”Sutton said.

To transform the basin into a wet-bottom basin with aesthetic features, district officials said it would cost an additional $ 2.2 million. In a telephone interview after the meeting, Nolan Correa, associate superintendent of operational support services at HISD, said funding could come from several places, including the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act. , or the CARES Act, as well as partnerships with the Town of Humble or the County of Harris 4.

“We just know it would be a great facility for the community and the town of Humble,” he said. “So at this point, we’re just going to pursue all of these avenues to see where we could get the funding to provide this wonderful space.”

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Edmonton garden centers and firefighters team up to prevent fires – Edmonton https://teichforum.org/edmonton-garden-centers-and-firefighters-team-up-to-prevent-fires-edmonton/ https://teichforum.org/edmonton-garden-centers-and-firefighters-team-up-to-prevent-fires-edmonton/#respond Thu, 20 May 2021 22:03:18 +0000 https://teichforum.org/edmonton-garden-centers-and-firefighters-team-up-to-prevent-fires-edmonton/

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services is teaming up with a number of local garden centers to really try to bring out the dangers of extinguishing cigarettes in plant material.

Read more:

Smoking materials are responsible for apartment fire in Northwest Edmonton

“There is a misconception that plant pots and soil can be used to extinguish cigarettes. This is not true. The potting soil contains large amounts of combustible material that can allow embers to burn before igniting, ”said Dennis Friedel, Acting Fire Marshal at Edmonton Fire Rescue Services.

“Smoking materials and potting soil just don’t go together.”

Click to play video: 'Smoking is to blame for South Edmonton apartment fire of $ 3.7 million'

Smoking is to blame for $ 3.7m apartment fire in south Edmonton

Smoking is to blame for $ 3.7M apartment fire in South Edmonton – November 22, 2019

On Thursday, The Root Seller, Mill Creek Nursery and Kulmann’s Greenhouse Garden Market began displaying signs warning shoppers of the dangers of putting cigarettes in potting material.

The story continues under the ad

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services warns of the dangers of extinguishing cigarettes in potted plants.

Global News

Between 2018 and 2020, Edmonton recorded a total of 205 fires related to smoking products. The fires caused $ 33.6 million in damage and 31 injuries. Five people also died in fires during this time.

Read more:

Poorly discarded smoking materials are to blame after 2 homes and 3 damaged in northeast Edmonton blaze

Smokers are reminded to keep a deep, non-combustible ashtray or to extinguish cigarettes completely in water before throwing them away and to never throw cigarettes directly in the trash, through a car window, on the floor or in garbage. dry and grassy areas.

Plant pots containing potting soil, peat moss or other types of soil should never be used as an alternative, the city said.

© 2021 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc.

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Athol Daily News – Zone not exempt from soaring timber prices https://teichforum.org/athol-daily-news-zone-not-exempt-from-soaring-timber-prices/ https://teichforum.org/athol-daily-news-zone-not-exempt-from-soaring-timber-prices/#respond Thu, 20 May 2021 17:42:54 +0000 https://teichforum.org/athol-daily-news-zone-not-exempt-from-soaring-timber-prices/

Douglas Hamshaw has been in the lumber business since 1967. Mark Penfield built his first garage in Greenfield with his brother when he was 12 years old. And Evan Jones is the ninth generation owner of Cowls Building Supply in Amherst. But these three men say they have never seen anything like what has happened in their industry since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The cost of lumber has skyrocketed, with prices doubling or tripling from a year ago. National experts attribute the spike to a variety of factors, including the shutdown of production, catastrophic weather conditions in parts of the country and more people building or remodeling structures while stuck at home during the health crisis. public.

On Wednesday morning, Penfield said a 2x4x8 costs $ 8.76, having “been $ 3 for years.” He explained that the price of ½-inch plywood has tripled to $ 60 and that a ¾-inch AdvanTech tongue-and-groove subfloor sheet has increased to $ 78 per sheet from $ 30 per sheet previously. $ 35.

Penfield, whose father founded RG Penfield & Sons Inc. in Greenfield in 1970, mentioned other factors, including the February ice storm that swept through Texas, as well as continued unemployment benefits.

“A lot of people don’t want to go back to work,” he said, although this has been refuted by some economists. “So it’s a domino effect.”

Penfield also said interest rates were low, with people able to get a 15-year loan at 2.6% interest to complete a project, which increased demand for lumber.

Jones said the price of virtually all building materials is rising more than normal, although lumber and structural plywood are the hardest hit and hardest to acquire.

“It was a hell of a trick,” he said. “Historically, the lumber market hasn’t seen a steady rise in prices for over 30 years, so we were late for something like that.”

Jones said he hasn’t had many suspended or scaled-down projects during the pandemic, but the most negative effect has been the added level of stress placed on his team. He said a “perfect storm of events” has included wildfires in parts of the country and a spillover effect in the supply chain after the flow from the Suez Canal into Egypt – one of the busiest trade routes in the world – was blocked by Panama. Japan-owned Ever Given container ship for six days in March.

Additionally, Jones said demand is on the rise because people have been given stimulus money.

“The bottom line is our free market system and the laws of supply and demand are in full force,” he said. “The economy is strong, interest rates are low, and many people think now is the perfect time to build or renovate, add a patio or install a swimming pool.”

Although Business Insider said on Wednesday that lumber prices fell for the eighth day in a row, Reuters reported single-family home construction rates in the United States fell more than expected in April.

These costs frustrate Americans like Richard DiGeorge, a resident of Bernardston. DiGeorge said he was excited to build a tool shed on his property until he found out about the “sky-high” price of lumber. He said he was told the rise was caused by the pandemic, but he believes corporate greed is also a factor, comparing timber to the oil industry.

“It really irritates me what’s going on in our country. Greed is going to kill this country, ”said DiGeorge, whose son and grandson work as carpenters. “There must be checks and balances.

Douglas Hamshaw, who owns the Hamshaw Lumber & Ace Hardware sites in Keene, NH and Orange, said any increase in profits goes almost exclusively to sawmills – forest land owners, loggers, carriers, retailers and builders.

“The demand is greater than the supply,” he said. “It has been insatiable.”

Hamshaw said wood consumption fell sharply in the first weeks of the pandemic and factories responded by laying off crews and cutting production only to learn soon that demand would explode. Producers have been catching up for a year and there is no end in sight, he said.

“There is nothing in the next few months that would indicate that we are going to see a drop in prices,” added Hamshaw.

Contact Domenic Poli at: dpoli@recorder.com or 413-772-0261, ext. 262.

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$ 20,000 grant will help animal services build playground – Washington Daily News https://teichforum.org/20000-grant-will-help-animal-services-build-playground-washington-daily-news/ https://teichforum.org/20000-grant-will-help-animal-services-build-playground-washington-daily-news/#respond Thu, 20 May 2021 16:52:30 +0000 https://teichforum.org/20000-grant-will-help-animal-services-build-playground-washington-daily-news/

De Beaufort County Animal Services

Beaufort County Animal Services today announced a $ 20,000 grant from Petco Love to support their animal rescue work in Beaufort County. The investment will help Beaufort County Animal Services build a dog play area at the animal shelter located at 3931 US Route 264 East in Washington.

Petco Love is a national nonprofit leading change for pets by harnessing the power of love to make pet communities and families closer, stronger and more. healthy. Since their inception in 1999 as the Petco Foundation, they have given organizations $ 300 million invested to date in adoption and other vital efforts. And, they’ve helped find loving homes for more than 6.5 million pets in partnership with Petco and more than 4,000 organizations across the country.

“Today, Petco Love announces an investment in Beaufort County Animal Shelter and hundreds of other organizations as part of our commitment to create a future in which no pets are unnecessarily euthanized,” said Susanne Kogut, President of Petco Love. “Our local investments are only one component. Last month we also launched the first of our national tools, Petco Love Lost, to empower all animal lovers to lead vital change alongside us.

Petco Love’s investment in the new dog play area will give the dogs and puppies at the shelter plenty of time off the leash and outdoors for them to play and relax. The playground will give families considering adoption a safe place to visit and interact with a dog or puppy and will give many dogs and puppies a second chance.

“We know firsthand that exercise is important for the dogs and puppies in our shelter so they can work out some energy. We want to use all resources to give our dogs and puppies the best possible adoption chance and this playground is just one of the ways we can do that. We thank Petco Love for making the Beaufort County Animal Services dream a reality a playground, ”said Billy Lassiter, Beaufort County Animal Services and Control Manager.

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Sonadighi of Rajshahi to regain his lost glory https://teichforum.org/sonadighi-of-rajshahi-to-regain-his-lost-glory/ https://teichforum.org/sonadighi-of-rajshahi-to-regain-his-lost-glory/#respond Thu, 20 May 2021 10:14:42 +0000 https://teichforum.org/sonadighi-of-rajshahi-to-regain-his-lost-glory/ BSS

The historic pond will take on a bright and modern form as the needs-based infrastructure development work continues at full speed.

Sonadighi, a traditional pond in the city of Rajshahi, will regain its lost glory thanks to massive development works implemented by the Rajshahi City Corporation (RCC).

The municipal corporation has adopted a gigantic approach to give the basin a new look as soon as possible, taking into account the question of the long-cherished demands of city dwellers.

With the initiative and leadership of the city’s mayor, AHM Khairuzzaman Liton, the historic pond will take on a bright and modern form as needs-driven infrastructure development work continues at full speed.

Along with the pond renovation work, a walkway, mosque, open stage, and information and communication technology library will be built in the center of the pond.

Once completed, the general public can see the pond from at least three directions.

On Wednesday afternoon, Mayor Liton inspected the ongoing development and embellishment work on the pond and inquired about the general progress of the work.

Right next to the pond, a 16-story building named “downtown” was built with the joint venture of RCC and Ena Properties as part of the public-private partnership system.

Mayor Liton said the newly constructed city center will be the most beautiful and modern of the skyscrapers in Rajshahi. Massive development and embellishment work will be carried out in the center of the pond. The old Sonamasjid mosque is being rebuilt on its current site. There will be a seating arrangement, walkways, open space and lighting at night.

“We are determined to keep the water clean in the pond through proper renovation,” said Liton, adding that the pond will regain its tradition and image once all the works are planned.

Referring to the historical records, he said that once upon a time the pond was only the drinking and reliable source to provide drinking water to the townspeople before the introduction of the supply system.

But, unfortunately, the pond had become unsuitable for drinking water due to a lack of proper maintenance and renovation in addition to neglect of it for a long time, he lamented.

Mayor Liton had been committed to reviving the pond since he took over as town hall at the end of 2008 and has pledged to succeed.

“I believe that the adopted measure will reflect the long cherished hopes and aspirations of city dwellers in the near future,” Liton predicted.

Mayors of the Shariful Islam panel Babu and Rajab Ali, neighborhood councilors Abdul Hamid Sarker and Kamal Hossain, chief engineer Shariful Islam and former chief engineer Ashraful Haque were present on the occasion.

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Redding aims to inspect Gilbert and Bennett Dam which could harm businesses and the environment if it fails https://teichforum.org/redding-aims-to-inspect-gilbert-and-bennett-dam-which-could-harm-businesses-and-the-environment-if-it-fails/ https://teichforum.org/redding-aims-to-inspect-gilbert-and-bennett-dam-which-could-harm-businesses-and-the-environment-if-it-fails/#respond Thu, 20 May 2021 10:03:43 +0000 https://teichforum.org/redding-aims-to-inspect-gilbert-and-bennett-dam-which-could-harm-businesses-and-the-environment-if-it-fails/

REDDING – The Selectmen board is considering a proposal to inspect the Gilbert and Bennett factory pond dam which could be dangerous if it fails.

First Selectwoman Julia Pemberton said the dam was “long overdue for inspection” because the previous owner, Georgetown Land Development Corporation, had not had it assessed since 2015. The latest emergency action plan has was established in 2017.

The dam – classified as a “High risk” under class C from the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection – must be inspected and have an emergency action plan updated every two years that details the actions to be taken in the event of a failure or of dam failure.

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