Give your garden a nostalgic and millennial makeover

Since it was first baptized in 2019, the aesthetics of “great millennium” interiors have flourished in avant-garde 20 and 30-year-old homes that adopt furniture handed down. Elements include mixed designs, vintage furniture, and shameless adornments.

Now designers say customers, even beyond the throwback ensemble, want to see the look of their outdoor spaces. London interior designer Stephanie Barba Mendoza noted that a garden serves the elaborate flourishes of the style well. “Nature will never feel overwhelming, so it’s a safe space to do it all,” she said.

The design of this season’s outdoor collections marks the turn. The Chinoiserie Premium Business & Pleasure Beach Umbrella (below) combines wavy contrasting bangs with a surprising blue and white underside. Wicker predominates, but not in the form of low block sections. The great millennium style calls for lighter classic shapes accompanied by padding in sunny shades. A tablecloth from the Nordic home textiles brand Projektityyny features a millennium hat trick: a gingham, a ruffle and floral embroidery. The goal, said New York designer Lilse McKenna, is decor that feels “layered and put together” rather than “ordered and delivered”.

Adding contemporary components, like a more modern fabric print, to the mix can prevent a patio from appearing simply mummified. They help ensure that the great-millennial spaces don’t read like a real estate sale, said Chicago designer Kara Mann. As 1stDibs Editorial Director Anthony Barzilay Freund advised, referring to the 20th-century American interior designer known as the Prince of Chintz, “Think Mario Buatta if he’d spent time with it. Brooklyn hipsters.

In a recently completed veranda in Naples, Florida, for example, Chicago designer Summer Thornton placed wicker porch chairs around a dining table with golden floral fabric, brass chandeliers of palm trees, and the hand painted glassware (above). But to compensate for the old-school aesthetic, Ms Thornton brought trendy textiles nearby: “We went for an African-print Batik-inspired solar fabric on two huge sofas,” she said. The effect is 1940s Florida for a younger generation.

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