GR company producing houses, swimming pools from used shipping containers

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan – A western Michigan company creates homes, pools, and everything in between, all from old used shipping containers they source from across the Midwest .

Newco Design Build, on Roger B Chaffee Memorial Blvd SE, has been around for a decade and has been working with old shipping containers for 7 years.

About 2 years ago, they officially created their Blox brand – a brand entirely focused on creating unique structures out of these containers.

“If you look at, you know, the cost of building materials in general, both wood and steel, it was a great time for us to show what these particular containers can do,” Burton Cardwell, Development at Newco / Blox, told FOX 17 when they pulled up Wednesday morning.

Cardwell says the pandemic has caused people to rethink how they use the space around them.

“I think in the future you will see more and more things,” he said on Wednesday.

“We are already seeing an increase in the number of people wanting to have backyard container locations for outdoor entertainment.”

They were able to provide container-based structures to several businesses in western Michigan during the pandemic, which allowed them to adjust their operations with ease.

“We did a project for a local restaurant… we were basically able to increase their seats during the winter months, then they were able to heat the area for their customers,” Cardwell said.

They source their containers from Detroit, Chicago and Indiana. Most of the containers they receive have a chain of custody, which means they are often able to share exactly with their customers or the container was.

On Wednesday, they showed FOX 17 one of their off-grid hunting cabins. Besides plenty of room to move around inside, there was plenty of storage, including a safe hidden under the floor. There are also high quality household appliances, but smaller than usual, and composting toilets.

They are also now producing a swimming pool created from a shipping container. Something you really need to see yourself.

“One of the things that people may or may not think of … these containers are actually gathering places, and they don’t have just one purpose, they can have multiple purposes.”

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