Hearing of Copart’s new candidacy for Andover NJ scheduled for June 15

ANDOVER TOWNSHIP – The first public hearing for the new Copart app on Stickles Pond Road will take place next month.

The Land Use Board estimated the revised plan to be complete on Tuesday evening, allowing it to move forward.

The hearing of the application, presented jointly by Copart and BHT Properties Group, will begin at 7:30 p.m. on June 15, at a location to be determined. Board chairman Paul Messerschmidt said this could take place at the Hillside Park barn – where the first and only public hearing for the initial request was held in September – but said the township may try to secure a larger venue in anticipation of a large crowd.

With the process going for more than a year already, Copart’s lawyer Roger Thomas said the company would be ready for a hearing “in the quickest fashion.”

Messerschmidt said the board would prefer a face-to-face meeting “if we can do it safely and within the (state) guidelines currently in place.” He added that he would like to offer residents the option of attending by Zoom or by phone.

Copart and BHT first introduced an app over a year ago to use the Sickles Pond Road site as a storage facility for vehicles auctioned online, but it has been repeatedly pushed back due to of the COVID-19 pandemic and a desire to retain the public. hear in person. In March, the applicant requested significant changes to the proposed facility and he was told that a new request was needed.

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Copart’s new app aims to use the site to store its vehicles and construction equipment. The updated app also includes plans to demolish all existing structures and install a pedestrian walkway and a commercial office building, Messerschmidt said.

The board voted unanimously to approve the new completeness review on Tuesday based on advice from Township Engineer Cory Stoner, who said the request was incomplete when it was first featured last month. Copart officials have since provided the township with an updated application, checklist and environmental impact statement for the proposed facility site.

Members of the public are seated ahead of the start of the Andover Township Land Use Council meeting on Tuesday, September 15.

The township and the claimant told the public that the claim was not meant to be discussed in depth at this point.

“For the record, this is not a substantive review or a decision on the merits of the application and the documents that have been filed. It is simply a review of completeness. “said counsel for the board, Tom Molica. “You have heard the recommendation from the engineer in your township. He feels that the candidate has at least met the minimum requirements of the checklist and can proceed with the planning of a public hearing where the merits of the application will truly be. discussed. “

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