HeidelbergCement to extract circular building materials in Heidelberg

Germany: HeidelbergCement has joined EPEA’s Heidelberg Circular City Building Materials Registry pilot project. The initiative uses EMEA’s Urban Mining Screening digital register, which is able to estimate the composition of buildings based on construction data. HeidelbergCement says this will enable it to source construction and demolition waste for circular economic use in the production of building materials. This will support his ReConcrete 360° Recycled Concrete CO2 reincorporation project, among other projects. The initiative will make Heidelberg the first circular city in Europe.

“The fully circular economy and sustainable construction are central elements of our climate strategy,” said Dominik von Achten, President of HeidelbergCement. “We focus on life cycle assessment of our produced concrete, including the treatment of demolished concrete, and its return to the construction cycle. By 2030, we want to offer circular alternatives for half of our concrete products. Von Achten concluded “Together with the city of Heidelberg, also a pioneer in the field of climate protection, we want to use the Circular City project to demonstrate the enormous potential of recycling concrete for future urban construction.”