Holcim steps up green building efforts

Construction solutions provider Holcim Philippines is promoting the use of more blended cement in the country’s infrastructure given its performance and durability benefits as part of the company’s efforts to accelerate its promotion of construction ecological.

The Davao Coastal Road is among those that have used blended cement, specifically the Holcim Solido infrastructure construction solution.

Since 2010, the Philippines has seen increased infrastructure spending to boost the country’s development. With the new government committed to continuing this construction campaign, the construction sector will remain a major driver of the country’s economic recovery and development.

In fact, the Department of Commerce and Industry’s Philippine Construction Industry Roadmap predicts that the construction industry will potentially contribute up to 130 trillion pesos to the economy by 2030. , compared to 2,300 billion pesos in 2018.

The bright outlook for the sector offers many opportunities for the construction industry, but it also requires a great deal of caution to ensure that growth is sustainable and does not lead to increased consumption of finite resources.

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In the context of building materials, Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) has a huge environmental footprint and its use needs to be drastically reduced. There are more and more alternatives available on the market today that offer the same or even better performance, but with less environmental impact.

“The local construction industry will need to focus more on recycling, building with a lower carbon footprint and more sustainable solutions,” said Horia Adrian, President and CEO of Holcim Philippines.

In response, the company has bolstered its blended cement product portfolio by launching five new construction solutions since 2020 that use fewer virgin raw materials while delivering equal and superior construction performance. Among its latest releases is Holcim ECOPlanet, a general-purpose blended cement with a 30% lower carbon footprint than OPC, which is preferred by local builders.

“OPC is a 200-year-old product and it’s time for new, sustainable products to be used to reduce the environmental footprint of the building industry,” Adrian said.

This guidance also supports the Philippine Contractors Association’s Vision 2021 document, which identified sustainable infrastructure construction as one of the top 10 industry trends.

“We also engage our retail partners to help bring the right product for the right application to end users,” Adrian said.