How far does Lagos’ new construction technology go?

A few years ago, the Lagos State government under the reign of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode graciously introduced new construction technology to address various anomalies in the state housing sector and erect a structure quickly. and easily. It should be noted that the emergence of the technique is explained by the colossal housing deficit recorded so far in the State. The survey indicates that more than two million casualties have been recorded throughout the length and breadth of Nigeria’s largest city. It is no longer news that the collapse of buildings alongside related issues has recently been an issue for public discourse on the shores of the Nigerian construction industry as a whole. Suffice it to say that decadence is omnipresent. However, it appears that Lagos is in the process of being unleashed against other states, possibly due to the fact that the territory consists of the greatest number of structures erected, as well as the deplorable weather conditions facing its inhabitants. In his speech to reporters, Mr Gbolahan Lawal, then State Housing Commissioner, revealed that the new technology was already in use in his current housing estate at Idale in Badagry and would then be deployed at the site in Imota in Ikorodu, in an attempt to fulfill the government’s motive of delivering 2,000 homes across the cosmopolitan city. Mr Lawal, who also revealed that the technique ensures bungalow construction within 48 hours, said “We want to see how to go into house building. We make it seamless and produce around 100 units in a month. We have three companies; we are already there. He claimed that investments in the housing sector generally have a multiplier effect on the economy, as he informed that various gadgets and accessories such as tiles, electronics, water and electricity meters, mattresses, television subscription, in addition to menial jobs for craftsmen, are related to the construction of houses. During the announcement, I was delighted that Lagos, as an overcrowded state, could eventually come to a point where erection of formidable structures was seen as a priority and could be achieved easily by builders. It had been hinted over time in some quarters that the Nigerian regime had yet to fully embrace building technology given the level of quackery and mediocrity invariably seen in the industry. But it turned out that the noble gesture of the Lagos government has disillusioned some people that Nigeria does not have the resources to do it right. Nonetheless, I made it clear then that before celebrating in a rush, it would be relevant for the government to critically examine certain factors with a view to ensuring that the newly discovered technique does not wear off in record time and that ‘it is fully domesticated in the state. We are aware that the companies commissioned to take care of the site were mainly foreign, hence the need for any informed mind to be concerned about the future of the initiative. Although the Housing Commissioner revealed that some native workers were trained in the construction technique and process, I strongly believed that there was a need to institutionalize the training. The institutionalization of this application would allow our many professionals, and future ones, to integrate with passion into the process. Therefore, our native designers and builders would be in charge of the initiative, helping to significantly stimulate the economy. Lagos was therefore expected to take the lead in this aspect. Likewise, it is imperative to establish a strict policy to guide the housing sector in the state. We have been informed that a new housing policy aimed at filling the state housing deficit has been developed. Such a policy, which should now be fully functional, must include all the necessary clauses to remedy all forms of forfeiture currently observed in the state building sector. The policy, which was to be designed with the help of experienced and reliable town planners, was to provide reasonable penalties for anyone found to have violated development control laws. It is known that Lagos was the first state to establish a full-fledged Housing Ministry in 1999 due to the priority it gave to housing, therefore, such priority needs to be fully upheld by policy. It’s appalling three years later, nothing tangible has been recorded regarding Lagos’ new construction technology. Therefore, at a time like this when expectations are very high, further review coupled with proper implementation of the necessary policy is consequent. We are aware that successive governments in Nigeria are not good at pursuing investment projects or initiatives introduced by their predecessors. This is why they are instructed to rethink in this regard. It is also time that we started to recognize the use of materials like wood, clay and bamboo in the construction of standard structures, whether residential or commercial. We have been informed that the Lagos Housing Department experimented years ago with the use of the aforementioned items, but the availability and speed of delivery was the reason they abandoned the proposed initiative. It is funny to say that the wood needed to construct buildings is not available, or is not in abundance, in Nigeria. What governments at all levels need to do is raise the profile of wood-based architecture to promote demand. Needless to say that everything revolves around an adequate recognition of the technique in question and the continued quest to deploy its noble use. In addition, the Nigerian government must start promoting afforestation by assigning severe penalties to unapproved deforestation through viable policies. In doing so, the necessary lumber would become more accessible and cheaper than concrete and bricks, so construction with the former would proceed quickly. As we again congratulate Lagos on achieving this achievement, the current government led by Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu must also be asked to think deeply for advanced construction technologies to stand the test of time in the state. , so that other states can borrow a sheet from them. Think about it!


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