Hyve Solutions unveils building blocks for large-scale infrastructure

SAN JOSE, California, November 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – (from 2021 Virtual summit of the Open Compute project) – Hyve Solutions Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of TD SYNNEX (NYSE: SNX) and a leading provider of large-scale digital infrastructure, today unveiled the building blocks of large-scale infrastructure leveraging the latest Open Rack version 3 specifications (ORv3) as described by the Open Compute Project. With the deployment, Hyve becomes one of the first manufacturers to offer a line of ORv3-based servers.

Built around modularity, Hyve’s modified ORv3 rackmount server product family is a joint development between Uber’s hardware engineering and Hyve engineering teams providing optimized and world-class infrastructure opportunities. for next wave suppliers. While the biggest hyperscalers set the bar for data center infrastructure, they often involve proprietary approaches that most businesses can’t. With its modified ORv3 line, Hyve offers next-wave hyperscalers and colocation data centers the ability to adopt cutting-edge concepts as implemented in open industry standards.

Changes Hyve made to the ORv3 specification in conjunction with Uber’s hardware engineering team include:

  • extended depth to allow 4-socket (4S) designs and space for I / O configurations
  • Strategic reduction in rack width to better accommodate the majority of colocation and similar scale data centers

These modifications provide increased flexibility, ease of adoption, and a wider range of system designs that build on proven technologies.

“Using modified ORv3 and a standardized platform allows Uber to use the best parts of various design disciplines and deploy an efficient infrastructure,” said Samar dalal, Head of Hardware Engineering, Uber. “It helps us keep pace with our growing business needs while reducing costs.”

Targeted for deployment in 2022, Hyve’s initial offering is a 1U dual-socket design.

Hyve’s modified ORv3 server family includes 1S, 2S and 4S models which will be available in 2022. Extending its modular design theme, Hyve will also launch a JBOx line. Between ORv3 compute nodes and JBOx storage and graphics nodes, Hyve modularized rack resources in an open and standardized way, effectively creating building blocks for I / O disaggregation.

With Hyve’s resource disaggregation, many combinations of compute, storage, and graphics nodes become possible. This building block strategy provides a scalable IT infrastructure that makes product planning easier.

“Disaggregated systems have long been on the drawing board in large-scale infrastructure, but with the proliferation of increasingly intractable SKUs, it’s time to implement them,” said Jay shenoy, Vice-President, Technology, Hyve Solutions. “With Hyve’s compute and I / O building blocks, disaggregation can now be implemented at the hardware level. Hyve continues to play a leading role in bringing OCP innovation to data centers around the world. “

Since 2011, the Open calculation project (OCP) has worked to promote open, standards-based technologies that improve the efficiency and scalability of enterprise infrastructure, from the edge to the core of the data center.

To learn more about Hyve’s modified ORv3 lineup, visit the Hyve Solutions virtual booth at the OCP World Summit at www.opencompute.org/summit/global-summit.

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