IFC Launches EDGE Green Building Challenge for Students and Young Professionals

play the videoCemile Hacibeyoglu, IFC Senior Country Manager for Ghana Cluster addressing the participants

On June 2, 2022, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) launched the EDGE Green Building Challenge for architecture and engineering students as well as built environment professionals at Green Park, Cantonments City, Accra.

The challenge has two components: the Net Zero Ready Design Competition, which aims to get architecture and engineering students and recent built environment graduates to show their understanding of green buildings using the EDGE app and to use design knowledge for greater efficiency. (DfGE).

The DfGE course covers the basics of energy and resource efficiency measures in design from a technical and business perspective, and aims to encourage and encourage resource efficiency in the construction sector.

The second tier, the Green Building Awards, is open to professionals who can submit new buildings or renovations completed within the past seven years that have come as close to Net Zero Ready as possible, whether certified or not.

In his keynote address at the launch, Cemile Hacibeyoglu, IFC Country Manager for the Ghana Cluster, said the drive for sustainability in the built environment presents both a challenge and a business opportunity for professionals in the the design of buildings.

“However you choose to see it, it’s the future. Designers must develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to support the evolution of the built environment towards a low-carbon path,” said Ms. Hacibeyoglu. She also thanked the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) for funding the DfGE course.

Dennis Papa Odenyi Quansah, Program Manager for Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya, gave an overview of the EDGE program, which is a World Bank Group global innovation. EDGE offers a faster, easier and more affordable way to build and mark green.

It includes software that helps identify the most practical ways to build green. Goldkey Properties is the presenting sponsor of the challenge.

The Ghanaian developer has EDGE certified a number of its buildings. Fuseina Abu, Managing Director of Goldkeys, reiterated her company’s support for environmental sustainability through initiatives such as this challenge. Akosua Obeng, Partner at Orthner Orthner and Associates, one of the challenge’s supporting partners, presented the eligibility criteria and guidelines to the audience.

For the Net Zero Ready Design Competition, entrants must work in groups of a minimum of two members and a maximum of four members. At least one member of the group must be either an architecture student or an engineering student.

Students from other disciplines within the construction industry who have completed the DfGE course are eligible to participate.

Students who have not taken the DFGE course can still register and take the course during the competition period and submit their certificates with their submission.

For the Green Building Awards, nominated buildings may or may not be EDGE certified.

However, by using the EDGE application, they must all demonstrate that the interventions carried out have led to significant savings in terms of energy and water and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Companies must clearly demonstrate the green interventions they have made and the resulting savings on the EDGE app.

Speaking on behalf of Hon. Francis Asenso-Boakye, Minister of Public Works and Housing, Reverend Stephen Yaw Osei, Director of Policy Planning, Budgeting, Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate (PPBME) reiterated the endorsement and the Minister’s support for the challenge.

Reverend Osei said, “I expect this competition to generate innovative ideas that will provide Ghana’s own developed solutions for green building. I can assure you that my department, on behalf of the government, would be eager to receive pragmatic policy recommendations in this regard. »

The Executive Director of GhIE and the President of GIA joined the speakers on stage to officially launch the Challenge. Prizes for the challenge include a six-month internship with lead sponsor Goldkey Properties, an all-expenses-paid trip to South Africa to attend the Green Building Convention in Cape Town, a media plaque and publication, and free employee training. EDGE experts.

The EDGE Green Building Challenge is organized by the IFC EDGE program with donor funding from the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).

Goldkey Properties is the main sponsor. Other supporting partners include Orthner Orthner and Associates, Ghana Institute of Architects, Yecham Property Consult, Business & Financial Times and Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund.

To learn more about the challenge, visit https://edgebuildings.com