In the digital age, we need to stop creating brand books and start creating brand systems

Lisbon, Portugal, July 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — These days, the interface is where your brand lives. But transitioning seamlessly between different digital platforms isn’t always a smooth process. For companies building products across multiple channels (web, app, etc.), having a brand design system is essential – the bible of your presence, behavior and interaction with users across online platforms. happiness appsconsulting firm specializing in the construction of digital products, explains why and how:

The user experience when creating a relationship with brands is one of the new challenges for each company, induced by the presence in digital environments, which is now more intense. In this sense, this same experience must be consistent, so that users can feel and recognize the brand through visual identification, even when the logo is not in view.

If the brand book is essential to create consistency in the communication of our brand, in the different physical media – whether it is an advertisement, a presentation or a report, the transition of our brands to the digital environment requires an equal or greater consistency of their presence in the different platforms; whether on the computer screen, mobile phone or smartwatch, we want our brand image to be consistent and consistent across all channels.

Maintaining this consistency in online environments is increasingly important if the brand is also to be recognized for its interaction with the user. This is why it is so important for brands to create their design system while creating digital products on multiple platforms. To simplify, here are the elements that must compose a design system:

  1. A space with all system documentation, brand behavior guidelines and brand components;
  2. Design components: kits with various elements (eg buttons, iconography) that can be used in the design of a new screen;
  3. Programming resources: code and parameters associated with each component that can be used by developers.

Whether it is to create consistency in the presentation of the brand for the user, to give more freedom in the creation of differentiating interactions or to have more agile teams in the construction of their digital products, the design system is a powerful ally for the digital presence of any brand.

SOURCE Happiness