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Couverdon Real Estate says it is working with builders and landowners to create an exceptional, planned community in Jubilee Heights that will provide single and multi-family homes as well as a host of other amenities to residents of Campbell River.

And if anyone is interested in this master plan, it is now available for viewing on the company’s website.

In 2018, Jubilee Heights broke new ground with the sale of its first phase of lots. One year later in 2019, with phase 1 sold, phases 2a and 2b were released and soon sold out in 2020, increasing the housing supply with 65 single-family lots, 4 duplex house sites and 3 duplex house sites. row.

The Jubilee Heights community is being built with a phased approach to ensure that construction of all aspects of the community is completed at a pace that reflects not only market demand – but community infrastructure as well, says the company in a press release.

Along with the on-site groundbreaking work at Jubilee Heights, Couverdon funded an off-site sanitary sewer system upgrade on Larwood, Harrogate and Erickson, which was completed in 2019. Couverdon also built the expansion Discovery Passage stormwater retention pond and trails to maintain Jubilee Heights and surrounding area in the future. To this end, Jubilee Heights is unaffected by the recently announced limitations on sewer connections in South Campbell River.

“Couverdon’s long-term investment and vision for the planned community has engaged us in a process to ensure we are building for the benefit of South Campbell River and in support of the city’s official community plan,” says Ross McKeever, Director of Real Estate Development for Couverdon Real Estate.

The Shopping Village remains a key part of the Jubilee Heights community and while area residents are eager to see this phase take the plunge, Couverdon is committed to coordinating with stakeholders to provide this convenience through a process. reflexive.

As Jubilee Heights progresses and matures, Couverdon invites stakeholders to stay informed through its communication channels, which now include an interactive map on its website to show the community blueprint. The website also has a Neighborhood News section which will share information on updates for the community and provides a section for residents to share ideas on what they would like to see in the booming commercial village.

Couverdon looks forward to continuing to work with the Town and its residents to create the first planned community of Campbell River. Project updates can be found by visiting www.jubileeheights.com/site-plans

About Jubilee Heights

The Jubilee Heights area covers approximately 160 acres with construction phased over several years. Jubilee Heights is a walking community inspired by your lifestyle. It is surrounded by Beaver Creek to the west and Beaver Lodge Forestlands to the north, creating a natural and majestic neighborhood unparalleled in the Campbell River area. A network of trails and multi-use trails connects Jubilee Heights to forest parks, a future elementary school, and the bustling commercial village.

About Couverdon Real Estate

Couverdon is the real estate business of Mosaic Forest Management, operating for over a century on Vancouver Island. At Couverdon, we create perpetual value for the people who live, work and play on Vancouver Island. We are working with communities from Sooke to Campbell River on real estate opportunities that support the future growth of Vancouver Island.

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