Magazine: Building materials for a low-carbon future

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In our efforts to decarbonize the built environment, we must address all aspects of planning, design and construction. From the tools used to predict the environmental impact of new buildings to the entire life cycle of the materials used in their construction, there is potential for reducing emissions at every stage of the design and construction process.

In this issue, we look at some examples. On the planning side, we hear about how building design tools need to evolve to better predict operational energy needs and embodied carbon throughout the lifecycle of a building project.

In building materials, we talk to the developers of a new concrete floor system that uses 70% less material than traditional reinforced concrete to find out how concrete construction can be adapted for a net zero future. We are also looking at a new type of brick made from 90% building waste and exploring the potential for building a circular economy for bricks in the UK.

Wood has yet to prove its viability as a large-scale construction material. We find out how the new Built by Nature fund hopes to expand its use by offering grants to pioneering projects that tackle barriers to building with wood.

We also review construction projects that achieve high sustainability ratings through the use of glass, hear opinions on ESG in the construction industry and much more.

Read the latest issue here for those stories and more insights, commentary and analysis.

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