Melbourne is hardest hit by Australia’s building materials crisis according to data from the Masters Building Association

The worst of AustraliaThe construction materials crisis is being felt in melbourneaccording to new data, leading to heavy bills and long delays.

There are fears for the industry in 2022 as builders in Melbourne struggle to find enough materials to do their jobs amid the deepest building supply crisis in decades.

Research from the Master Builders Association shows the cost of supplies for builders in Melbourne rose by more than 10% in the year to September, marking the biggest increase across the country.

There are significant backlogs in the construction industry in Victoria. (age)

Critical shortages of lumber, steel, and bricks dramatically push back construction times and costs.

Construction work is taking up to 30% longer than expected, leaving homeowners disappointed.

Longtime builders like Dean Adams of Hylton Constructions need to pass the bad news on to homeowners.

Mr Adams said breaking the bad news to customers was ‘really embarrassing’.

A tradesman works on a building site in Sydney.
There is a big delay in the construction of houses. (AFR / Louie Douvis)

“It’s not easy,” he said.

Master Builders Victoria general manager Rebecca Casson said the problem was only getting worse.

“We are very worried as we approach 2022,” she said.

The crisis is caused by global production and shipping disruptions triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.