Ministry of Health restricts districts on construction of unplanned buildings

The government of Jharkhand has taken the political decision to standardize the choice of site for the construction of all types of community health centers.

According to the ordinance issued by the health department, the authorization of the department will be required to build hospitals, community health centers and the like in the districts.

In the letter, the department expressed concern that in the name of expanding health infrastructure, buildings are being constructed without keeping in mind the availability and recruitment of manpower to manage. and manage said health center.

The ministry said such constructions waste resources and the building remains unused.

Additional Chief Health Secretary Arun Kumar Singh, who issued the guidelines to all districts, said that from now on, for the construction of any building, prior authorization from the department will be required.

The additional SC said the Indian Public Health Standard (IPHS) guidelines will need to be followed for any new construction plan.

He said that often such unplanned buildings go unattended and eventually collapse over time due to lack of maintenance, as they were never used for construction purposes by the local administration.

Describing the IPHS, he said the local government will need to assess the need to put in place health infrastructure at the given location. And once the plan is deemed viable, it will be necessary to proceed with the appropriate recruitment and organization of the required workforce.

Department sources said an investigation was recently undertaken to identify such community health centers in 24 districts that have not been since their construction.

“The number of these buildings is very high. The development of health infrastructure, especially in rural areas, is the key priority of the government, therefore the allocation and use of funds will need to be rationalized. It is not necessary to construct buildings that are of no use, ”said an official from the department.