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For the past few weeks, Shaun Hicken and Seth Johnson, both missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, have been busy mowing, trimming and mowing while providing free yard services in the area of Copperas Cove.

“We just want to spread the real joy,” Hicken said in a phone interview on May 6. “Our purpose as missionaries is to invite others to come to Christ, and when we do not speak of him, we are serving, and doing good ourselves in the community.

He said that in a time of madness and fear and strangers, he and his friends want to share some light by offering free services.

Since posting his original post on the Copperas Cove Hot Topics Facebook page, Hicken has said there are many requests for service.

“We got an incredible number of responses; like, so much from where we’ve been inundated for a few weeks just helping people, ”Hicken said with a laugh.

The majority of the services requested were mowing and trimming, however, Hicken said other requests were for fencing, painting, picking up stones or helping with organizing things.

Hicken estimated that since he started offering the free services with his friends, they have helped between 50 and 100 people, and the number has grown steadily.

Not all of them responded after initially contacting Hicken. He said around 200 people commented on the post alone.

Most of the equipment used by Hicken and his friends is donated.

“We have a church building here, and there are members of our church living here who have helped us and given us tools to use for these services and everything,” Hicken said. “And along the way, there are people we’ve served who just said, ‘Do you need a lawn mower? Do you need help with all of this?

“People, in general, have been so kind in supporting us and serving others for free.”

Interest in helping others started early for Hicken.

“My dad is a landscaper, he loves landscaping,” he says. “And I love helping others feel good about things, like feeling good about themselves and their garden.

“There is something so healing for both ends of the spectrum about service.”

Hicken, who is from Roosevelt, Utah, said he had been in Copperas Cove for about two months. He is seven months into a two year mission with the church.

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