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The rising cost of land has compounded the problem

There is no shortage of building regulations, but in Ludhiana there are many examples of how building regulations are flouted with impunity. The main reasons for these unbridled construction activities are the sharp rise in the cost of land and the political weight of the land mafia. It is also not uncommon for some illegal construction to continue uninterrupted under the noses of the MC authorities. Bearing in mind that illegal construction can have negative consequences for the environment, transport services and human well-being, loopholes in building regulations must be corrected and offenders punished.

Christophe Novin

Civil servants hand in hand with developers

It is the bitter truth that unscrupulous promoters continue to build illegal structures and all of this is happening right in front of the administration with impunity. This proves that some corrupt officials are hand in hand with these developers. Otherwise, how to create such illegal structures? What is more surprising is that there are no complaints against such buildings. Even though someone complained, no concrete action has been taken against the mistaken developer till date. These builders use substandard materials for construction, which puts people’s lives at risk. Are we expecting a tragedy like that of Gurugram? Thus, the need of the hour is for the administration to wake up from its deep sleep and take the necessary measures as soon as possible so that the proliferation of illegal structures can be controlled.

Bir Devinder Singh Bedi

Inspect all areas for illegal structures

To check the threat of illegal construction, the administration should regularly inspect all areas of the city and initiate strict legal action against violators of building laws. An investigation should be conducted by the Municipal Corporation to find illegal structures in the city.

Adish Sood

Many laws to check for building violations

The proliferation of illegal construction is only possible with the consent of corrupt officials and politicians. There are various laws which, if properly implemented, can control such violations. Illegal constructions must be brought to the attention of an independent third party, having no political influence such as the courts. Severe penalties must be imposed on the culprits who engage in illegal construction in the city.

Ritu Priya

Allow construction with permission only

No merchant should be allowed to extend his establishment beyond a limit permitted by the rules of the Municipal Corporation. No building or construction of stores should be permitted without the permission of the competent authority. People should cooperate with the administration to curb the problem of illegal construction.

Farzana Khan

Complaints fall on deaf ears

Illegal structures, especially commercial buildings, can be spotted in various settlements in the city, which are under the jurisdiction of LIT, MC, and GLADA. In flagrant violation of building regulations, several residential buildings have been partially or totally converted into commercial establishments without obtaining CLU certificates or having the building plans approved. Many buildings have no parking space, resulting in traffic chaos. Many parts of the city have experienced traffic jams due to illegal construction. Complaints filed with the civic body usually fall on deaf ears as no action is taken due to political interference or corruption. The local government department should take notice of the illegal construction activities and launch a high-level investigation so that those responsible can be brought to justice. City planners should keep an eye out for buildings constructed in violation of regulations. Civil Corps officials, who remain in one post, must be moved elsewhere for the proper functioning of the MC.

RS Sembhi

Transparency in the work of MC

The proliferation of illegal buildings has spoiled the entire landscape of Ludhiana. This happened with the connivance of the authorities concerned. If there is transparency in the operation of the municipality and the officials are held accountable, no one can dare to violate the building laws in the industrial city. Exemplary sanctions must be imposed on offenders.

Doctor Sunil Chopra


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