| CalArts expands campus with purchase of Vista Village Medical Building

The California Institute of the Arts in Valencia is expanding its footprint with the recent purchase of the Vista Village Medical building adjacent to the existing campus.

To make the main building more easily configured for students, CalArts purchased an adjacent property on Tournament Road known as Vista Village. Various non-student administrative units, including accounting, human resources and finance, will move into the new location, freeing up space in the main building for student-related services as well as gathering places.

In addition to the Vista Village purchase addition, CalArts expanded and updated existing campus facilities.

A leak from a large air conditioning unit on the roof of the main building caused massive water damage, with the character animation space taking the brunt of the damage. However, it created an opportunity to completely modernize the space.

A major renovation is currently underway, conducted in close collaboration with faculty, staff, and students from the School of Film/Video, which reimagines the space into a state-of-the-art facility for one of CalArts’ most prolific programs. . Construction is expected to be completed this winter.

“We were able to design the space specifically for animation,” said Sara Mathov, associate vice president for capital facility planning. “Every detail considers how students will learn and work and how faculty will teach in the new space.”

The roofs of blocks A and E of the main building will also be repaired this summer. Improvements are also underway in the Chouinard Pavilion, with the installation of new vinyl flooring inside each of the residences as well as updated bathroom fixtures. New LED overhead lights are being installed in all common areas and a new indoor/outdoor exercise space will be added to Chouinard Lobby West. A major replacement is also underway for a major sewer line in a multi-phase project that is expected to be completed by next summer.

A recently purchased property located in downtown Los Angeles provides much-needed administrative space for REDCAT and other academic units. When REDCAT first opened its doors nearly two decades ago, its lack of office space became apparent almost immediately. This new building, located at 1264 West 1st St., is approximately half a mile from the Music Center which houses REDCAT. The offices also house the online art magazine East of Borneo, partially supported and funded by the School of Art and the Center for New Performance, the professional production arm of the School of Theater and CalArts. Conference space for use by faculty and staff is also available.

Last summer, CalArts also purchased a historic property in South Pasadena that will be used to host a wide range of events for CalArts and the public, serve as a residence for CalArts presidents, and provide an apartment for visiting artists.

Known as the Cattern House, it will also expand the Institute’s visibility in the Los Angeles area as CalArts hosts exhibitions and performances, continuing the house’s artistic legacy over the past century. The home’s interior, with its large main-floor lobby, and exterior with grounds are currently undergoing renovations, primarily to ensure ADA compliance, update electrical and other services, and add new furnishings. ‘solar energy.

Faculty and staff also made important recommendations to improve sound and lighting specifications to ensure performance needs are met. The Cattern House should be operational next year.