Sredne-Nevsky shipyard will get a loan of 70 million rubles to increase its production capacity

Resources will be spent on purchasing equipment

The Sredne-Nevsky shipyard will get 70 million rubles in the form of a loan from the Industry Development Fund of St. Petersburg. The resources will be spent on equipment with the aim of boosting the shipyard’s production capacity and upgrading its existing facilities, the St. Petersburg government press center said.

“The company is currently working on several large orders, including the construction of high-speed passenger catamarans for the St. Petersburg – Kronshtadt route,” the statement read.

The Supervisory Board of the St. Petersburg Industrial Development Fund approved four loans exceeding 280 million rubles.

The fund provides targeted loans under 13 financing programs at reduced rates varying between 1% and 5% for 5 years. In 2022, it granted 17 loans for a total of 954.9 million rubles.

Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard JSC, part of United Shipbuilding Corporation, was established in 1912. The shipyard has built more than 600 warships and vessels for the Russian Navy and foreign customers (13 countries worldwide) . Currently, the shipyard builds missile boats, trawlers, passenger and work vessels for various purposes and is about to start large-scale construction of next-generation mining warships for the Russian Navy. and foreign countries. Today, the shipyard is the leader in composite shipbuilding in Russia and the only factory in the country that builds warships and civilian ships from 4 types of materials: composite materials, shipbuilding steel, non-magnetic steel , aluminum and fiberglass. The shipyard has mastered the technology of building hulls from composite materials using the vacuum infusion method.

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