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Climate-resilient infrastructure was highlighted during the “Road to a Livable Climate” bike ride, which took place alongside events in the Bay Area on June 12 to celebrate efforts to combat climate change. climate change.

The Climate Connection: A report from the road to a livable climate

Most Americans understand the risks caused by our rapidly changing climate, but so often the question is, “What can I do?” Our local events have taken cars out of the equation, embracing walking and cycling as part of the solution, while educating and promoting greater awareness of measurable actions. The 30-mile cycling loop included several key stops that positively impact our climate.

Leaving the Veterans Memorial Park in Napa, we progressed south on the Napa Vine Trail, an integral part of the growing infrastructure built to allow residents to travel all of Napa Valley automobile-free. As we hiked through Kennedy Park, we absorbed the view of the river and lowlands, a key part of the Napa River Flood Control Project that protects our roads and buildings from flooding.

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Continuing south without ever having to take Highway 29, we reached the airport district to visit Bob Massaro, owner of Healthy Buildings Inc. Massaro has been building for 38 years with a core value that “the ‘business improves people’s lives while protecting the environment.’ He shared his version of the periodic table of sustainable construction, with elements of energy, health, community, materials/resources and using natural elements. (

Next, we cycled along our county’s portion of the San Francisco Bay Trail, a walking and biking trail designed to connect all nine counties with bay frontage.

This led us to Wetlands Edge Park in American Canyon. Two city council members, Mark Joseph and Pierre Washington (who joined the race), spoke about the importance of concrete action, like their moratorium on gas stations and passing a climate emergency resolution, inspired by S4CA (Schools for Climate Action).

American Canyon is currently developing an eco-center to further educate people on the importance of a healthy and diverse environment. (

Rodney Paul, active transportation advocate and Bay Trail expert, also shared his knowledge with the group.

Turning north, we welcomed the vast bird population along the wetlands, in an area recently returned to its natural state as a tidal estuary, reclaimed from commercial salt production.

Upon arriving at Napa Recycling and Waste Services, we were treated to a short visit from Naama Brenner-Abramovitch, NRWS Recycling and Compost Specialist and tireless Ambassador and Community Liaison for Education and Implementation.

The state-of-the-art composting facility is a model for other communities. Yard waste, food scraps and even compostable packaging are converted into publicly available organic compost at minimal cost.

The benefits are many, including avoiding the production of methane, a greenhouse gas more than 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide. As Naama reminded us, all Californians are now required to put food scraps in the backyard trash can for composting. (

Finally, we heard from U.S. Representative Mike Thompson, Napa City Council Member Liz Alessio, and Napa County Supervisor Brad Wagenknecht, all of whom are strong climate advocates. They brought regional and national perspectives to the urgency of achieving net zero climate emissions.

Thompson expressed optimism that Congress will be able to successfully pass a climate bill, saying, “We don’t have to do this again.” Alessio provided examples of how the city is changing course with action instead of just rhetoric and talking.

As a 32-year Napa resident, supplier to the wine industry, and wine producer, I know full well that our future is on the brink of irreversible change. If we do not act now, the agricultural sector will be deeply and negatively affected. We have solutions now. We just need courage to participate.

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