The developers of the proposed hotel do not meet the flexibility requirements

On May 20, the Manistee Planning Commission will hear comments regarding the 101 Lakeshore Drive, Hampton Inn proposal.

Our concerns include:

1. Town lawyer Mika Meyers wrote that a PUD allows for “flexibility”, economy and efficiency in land use and encourages “useful open space” … in land use. regulation of land use planning.

The retention pond proposed on public park property to drain off-site hotel parking does not encourage “useful open spaces” to the public. A retention pond in this already limited picnic, music and play space is not in the spirit of what this sensitive spot is intended for. The city says it will be mutually beneficial and save the city money by removing two water collection issues from the road on the circular route.

Removing ‘useful open space’ from city taxpayers to host private development just because they are paying for it is not a benefit when nature evaporates this water at no cost to the Manistee taxpayer as it continually does. A retention pond belongs to their own property as others must. This proves that this development is too big for this small batch.

2. This five-story mega-hotel is not “flexible” with lighting as it refuses to eliminate the top signs of the building which will be a huge distraction for the surrounding residential area. One monument sign is enough for the only hotel on the beach.

3. Allowing a mega-hotel in an R-1 neighborhood could open the Fifth Avenue beach area to PUD’s list of lakeside development projects.

4. The planning board requested a rooftop lounge, but the Hampton Inn said, “I can’t do it.” Maybe another group would have more “flexibility” to make a two to three story hotel with this equipment on the roof.

5. Other riparian communities in the region do not have mega hotels on their shores, which shows the need for a more reasonable approach to the development of this sensitive area.

6. With a PUD compromise for a two to three story hotel, jobs continue to increase, the city’s tax base increases further, and the region’s spending increases further so that everyone has something.

Patience in making decisions on this sensitive, beautiful and valuable “Pure Michigan” site is a virtue.

Dale and Jennifer Teller


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