The LEGO adventure on building with the original building blocks will start on October 12

Everything here is very cute.

ClockStone has announced its first phase as a technology release with Thunderful Publishing. LEGO Bricktales is an exploration puzzle with intuitive building mechanics. The project, which will offer to master the new brick-by-brick construction mechanics combined with the imagination of the players, will be released on October 12.

LEGO Bricktales even has a plot, although it’s not complicated. The hero travels the world on land collecting fantasy biomes to help his grandfather rebuild the old amusement park. A little robot will help you, always.

The hero’s path will take me through thick jungles, deserts, a bustling city, a bustling medieval castle, and tropical Caribbean islands. The player will help figurines in different worlds to complete their journey. Leveling is also there. If you don’t, you will unlock many new skills to further explore LEGO bricks and uncover many hidden secrets.

There is the maximum time spent here in the building from LEGO blocks. The player can build a variety of complex objects, ranging from a counter or a jukebox, to functional puzzles according to the laws of physics, to build a crane, etc.

On each site, a player will have bricks to solve a specific problem. There are always solutions. The amusement park also has more buildings which can be modified according to individual preferences.

The goal of restoring the main characters is to preserve the historic park and enjoy the city using a mysterious computing device. It is very simple, but it is quite simple to define the purpose of this device. It’s quite simple to buy them: make people happy and solve their problems. Use the portal to travel the world, help people, and get happiness crystals. Go ahead, the construction adventure begins! Grandfathers Park is going to be rescued.


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LEGO Bricktales starts October 12 on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.